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Staff Development Award scheme

To further the charitable work of the Consortium, the Trustees have established an annual awards scheme for staff of Member libraries.


The awards scheme consists of several separate elements that could be applied for individually:


  1. 2 awards of a maximum of £500 each to cover travel to, attendance at and accommodation for an appropriate conference*.


  1. 1 award of attendance at the equivalent of 2 full days of cpd25 training. The specific events may be chosen by the winner and attendance would have to take place within 12 months of receiving the award.


  1. Attendance at the equivalent of 1 full day of cpd25 training (conditions as above for 2).


  1. 2 awards of a free place at the M25 Consortium Conference


2018 Call

Applications for any of these awards should be emailed to the M25 Consortium Office by noon on Monday 26th February 2018. Applications will take the form of a statement of up to 500 words stating which award they are applying for and outlining how the candidate would benefit from the award.

The applications will then be reviewed by the Officers of the Consortium with 2 members of the M25 Steering Group. All the applicants will be informed of the outcome around the 12th March 2018.

There is no maximum number of applications per applicant (ie applicants may apply for all of the awards if they wish, however, this would require 4 separate applications).

The winning candidates will be expected to write a report describing the event(s) attended and the benefits they have gained, for publication on the Consortium’s web pages and in our annual report. This report should be a maximum of 750 words long, and the M25 Consortium reserves the right to edit the report to fit publishing guidelines. It should be submitted within 2 months of attendance (for Award 2 this would be within 2 months of attendance at their final event).

Any questions should be addressed to the Executive Manager.

*e.g. IFLA, Liber, or other librarianship or information profession conference