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5. Farewell to John Gilby

Farewell to John Gilby

John Gilby, M25 Administration & Project Manager has decided to take early retirement and will be leaving the M25 Consortium/LSE on 31 January 2013. I would like to thank John for the huge amount he has contributed to the work of M25 during his 15 years, beginning with the M25 Link and AET projects that formed the backbone of InforM25, through many resource discovery related projects that followed this success, ultimately leading to the more recent managing and launch of the exciting new Search25 Service. John also oversaw many iterations of other M25 websites including a move to content-managed systems, plus the Directors’ and Staff Rooms. In addition to the more technical/project management roles, John masterminded the bringing together of all the separate parts of the M25 business into the single M25 Support Team that we have today. I would like to take this opportunity to wish John a happy and fruitful retirement.