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News from Lambeth Palace Library

Lambeth Palace Library's 2011 public exhibition celebrates the 400th anniversary of the King James Version.

This exhibition sets in historical context the translation of the sacred texts of the Bible into the languages of everyday life.

On display will be a wide range of important manuscripts and books offering a glimpse into the practical processes involved, as well as the motives behind these great achievements. At the centre of the exhibition is the 1611 edition of the King James Version, set in the context of the scholarship which created it.

Other highlights of the exhibition include:

  • Medieval English Bible translations and documents relating to their suppression
  • The landmark editions which drew on the new textual scholarship of the Renaissance and Reformation, including the first edition of Erasmus' New Testament in Greek (1516)
  • Early printed vernacular translations in a variety of languages such as the first edition of Luther's German Bible, as well as the first complete Bible in Icelandic
  • Translations intended for missions, such as Gospel editions in Maori and Mohawk
  • Documents showing the drive towards modern English translations for the twentieth century

Admission by pre-booking only:
11.00-16.00, Wednesday to Friday, 25 May-29 July 2011
Open on Saturdays in July