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Spreading the Information Literacy Message – by fair means and foul!

Having successfully extracted itself from a converged department with media and IT services and with its own Director now attending the most important committees etc within the University, Library Services at LondonMet has been taking its Information Literacy message to parts of the University not previously reached.

In a less formal way, we have also, more or less by accident, adopted a “guerrilla” method for spreading the IL message via our involvement in the University’s Learning and Teaching courses for new staff. Many Subject Librarians have already taken the University’s Learning and Teaching Practice (LTP) module, which has been specifically designed for part-time and hourly-paid academic staff (HPLs) and for any PSD (Professional Service Department) staff who facilitate student learning in their role. Others have variously gone on to progress to the:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  • MA in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (MALTHE)

By taking modules such as:

  • Delivering Teaching and Facilitating Learning
  • Managing the Assessment Process
  • Curriculum Evaluation and Development
  • Theoretical Perspectives on Learning & Teaching in HE
  • Researching Higher Education
  • Applying Learning Technologies
  • Web-based Learning & Teaching

Subject Librarians taking the LTP module have invariably been asked by the tutor to run a session for the other participants, mostly lecturers, on the library resources available to support their LTP studies and have been able to spread the word that they can also do this for their individual subject areas for both staff and students. This along, with working side by side with teaching staff on more advanced modules has done much to advance Library Services standing with new teaching staff and to have Subject Librarians accepted as part of their “community of practice”.

Julie Howell
Director of Libraries, London Metropolitan University