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cpd25 Task Group Membership

cpd25 Task Group Member Job Description

The role of the task groups is to plan programmes and organise events and visits. Task group members are normally from a cross-section of institutions and job roles and levels. Each of the five task groups is chaired by a member of the Steering Group, and the cpd25 administrator acts as secretary. Meetings take place approximately 3 or 4 times per year, between which groups normally communicate by email. The broad remit of each task group is outlined on the website and there is an annual cpd25 review day when potential topics are brainstormed to inform the following academic year’s programme planning.

The main responsibilities of members are to:

  • Attend meetings at which the group’s events and visits are planned and reviewed

  • Contribute to discussions at and between meetings

  • Organise or co-organise events and/or visits as agreed by the group, with reference to the Guidelines distributed to new task group members, including: