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cpd25 – Multi-site Services: How to make them work

cpd25 Seminar

18th May 2007, 10.00am – 15.30pm
Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Who should attend?
This event is aimed at anyone who is involved with, or interested in, multi-site academic LIS provision.

Brief for the day:
Running a contemporary academic information service is a complicated business under any circumstance. But the complexities, costs and constraints seem to multiply when you have to provide that service over a number of sites. How can multi-site services be managed to best effect? How can the complexities and constraints be addressed and reduced? And are there positive aspects to multi-site provision which can be capitalised upon?

This cpd25 seminar will feature case studies drawn from four very varied institutions, with multi-site arrangements in various stages of maturity.

  • Anglia Ruskin University: The view from a modern, vocational university
  • UCL: The view from long-established, research-led university
  • Kingston University: The view from Customer Services in a university with mature multi-site arrangements
  • University of the Arts London: The view from a recently constituted, specialist university

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