30 March 2009

M25 Director Services Task & Finish Group Minutes

The following are the Minutes of the Meeting held on 30 March 2009 at London School of Economics Library.

Present: Andrew Amato, Genein Cox-De Sousa, John Gilby, Rosemary Lynch (Chair), Julia Munroe, Ann Murphy

1. Welcome, Introductions, Apologies for Absence

RL welcomed Andrew, the newly appointed Web Services Project Officer, to the meeting and introduced him to members.

The following members sent their apologies: Emma Bull, Robert Hall, Joanna Newman, Pete Ryan.

2. Minutes of meeting on 10th November 2008

The minutes of the meeting held on 10th November 2008 were formally approved.

Issues for further action were to be dealt with in the meetings’ agenda.

3. Report to Steering Group

Members received a progress report presented to the M25 Steering Group at the 12th March 2009 – Strategic Planning Day. Members noted that the SG members agreed to support the task group’s work on the Directors’ Room by providing the initial content and completing their profiles prior to its launch later in the year.

4. Exchange Programme

RL reported that the Exchange event on Leadership and Management held in January was well received by those who attended. However feedback by a couple of the participants revealed that the information would have been more useful at earlier stages in their career as Librarians.

RL reported that the next Leadership Journeys Exchange event was to be held on May 13th at the Wellcome Trust. It is to be facilitated by Maxine Melling, Director of Learning & Information Services at Liverpool John Moores University. In light of feedback from the previous event, the group agreed that a brief should be provided to Maxine Melling taking a different perspective to the previous speaker.

ActionRL to draft a brief for Maxine Melling.

5. Directors’ Room

AA gave a visual presentation of his progress with the Directors’ Room (DR) based on the specification the group provided.

  • Document Management: The group reiterated that the DR is not a document store, however short term files would be included in forum posts with limited life. The Content Management’s DocMan component will be used to continue to store more permanent documents where necessary and will be public or restricted as appropriate.
  • Quality Group’s Job Descriptions resource: At the Steering Group’s strategic planning day the Quality WG advised that they were looking into a repository-type activity for newly defined library roles and job descriptions – suggesting the ideal place for this is within the Directors’ Room. The task group were not in support of this idea as the JDs would be available to members of the DR only, but should be more widely accessible. It was suggested that the JDs could instead be added to a restricted area of the DocMan and to verify currency of the document, the originator could be auto contacted after an agreed period (1 – 2 years). JG agreed to contact the Chair of the Quality WG to advise her on the decision and to get more information about the proposed resource.
  • Directors’ Room – Prelaunch at June AGM: It was agreed that time should be allocated at the forthcoming June AGM to showcase the work completed on the Directors’ Room to date, but specifically to allow Directors to populate their profiles. It was  suggested that both online as well as paper profile updates could be facilitated during the session, and Directors who may be keen, or those not attending the meeting could even be asked to complete it before the day. It was also suggested that Directors could be asked to expand upon the list of issues outlined by engaging in group discussions at that meeting.
  • DR publicity: GCDS agreed to include some text in the forthcoming e-bulletin, inviting keen Directors to put themselves forward for testing of the DR as it progressed. A suggestion was made to include testimonials of those who had been testing/using the DR, at the official launch of the online collaborative working space.
  • DR Launch: It was suggested that an etiquette/ guidelines document should be created for the launch of the DR to ensure that Directors are aware of what could be included in the DR and what would be inappropriate.

RL suggested that AA should make a similar presentation to the M25 Steering Group, at its May SG meeting. AA was asked to make amendments to the DR specification based on the changes discussed at the meeting.

ActionJG to contact Chair of Quality WG.
RL to email the M25 officers (Chair & Secretary) with the suggestion for inclusion of a session at the June AGM.
RL to advise the M25 Chair & Secretary to include the DR presentation as an item on the agenda for the May meeting.
AA  to update the DR specification

6. Schedule of Meetings for 2009

The scheduling of meetings was postponed to the next meeting as the majority of members sent their apologies.
The next meeting of the group will take place on May 7th at 14:00 at LSE Library

7. Any other business

No other business was noted.

Genein Cox-De Sousa
Group Member