25th March 2009

Meeting of the M25 Marketing and Communications Group
25th March 2009, LSE Library

Angus Brown (Imperial), Genein Cox-DeSousa (LSE), Frances Norton (Wellcome Library & Chair), Dave Puplett (LSE), Barbara Spina (SOAS), Catherine Walsh (UEL & Secretary)

Marysia Henty (LSE), Matthew Lawson (Middlesex), Annette Linton (Canterbury Christ Church)

1. Minutes and Actions

1.1 From previous meeting of 14th January:
The minutes were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting. All actions are completed or in hand and are addressed in the agenda.
1.2 From the Steering Group & MCWG:
FN had circulated a report of issues raised with the SG

2. Annual Report 2009

2.1 Costs update:
The best cost had been received from the LSE who are quoting a total of £3,801 plus VAT for design, artwork, layout and printing, including £500 for photography. The group agreed we should pursue this option and contact the designer regarding production of the 2009 AR.
Action: BS to make initial contact and convene a meeting of the sub group in April

2.2 Content outline:
SG members had been pleased with the design and layout of the 2008 AR and were happy for this to remain similar for 2009 but they had made some suggestions about changing the way content is presented. They have suggested changing the ‘headline’ titles to something more engaging than just the title of the working group. They would like us to map key Consortium achievements onto the various groups rather than describing the remit of each group and listing their main activities for the year.

Suggested headings might be:
Leadership Journeys (Task and Finish Group)
International Students
Members’ events
New members (e.g. Science Museum, Horniman Museum)
cpd25 ‘testimonials’ (by individuals who have benefited from CPD activities)

We should also include the top concerns for directors plus the standard Chair’s and Treasurer’s reports, mission and contents and information about Steering Group members and M25 Consortium staff. There was a further discussion about ensuring the inclusion of all the working groups and the potential to create new ‘headlines’ for each – for example Quality Group could be headed ‘Raising the standard’.

3. Brand

3.1 Image archive:
Deferred to next meeting.

3.2 Brand guidelines:
The group considered a paper circulated by MH. It was agreed the guidelines will be accessible from the web site and should not be kept in a protected area.

The group supported the suggestion that members should be positively encouraged to use the Consortium logo on their own stationery (within the guidelines) as a means of promoting the brand, in a similar way to the CILIP seal of recognition which is displayed on the cpd25 web site.

Amendments to the guidelines were agreed as follows:
• cpd25 should always appear in lower case
• Emphasis should be given to bullet point 3 under ‘Using the Consortium brand’
• Templates – only a presentation template is currently available
• Penultimate sentence should be simplified to say ‘If you need help or advice about using the M25 Consortium brand please contact the Consortium’s Administrator’.
• Delete final sentence

Action: FN to amend guidelines and pass to SG for approval
Action: GCDeS will include the updated guidelines in the new members’ packs

4. Promoting the Consortium

4.1 Members Day 18 June:
Possible venues include Imperial, Southend, or the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. AB suggested the Science Museum might be interested in hosting the event as a new member.
It was agreed that seeking sponsorship for this event would not be appropriate as there is little time available for members to browse stalls
Action: AB to contact Imperial conference office and Science Museum for quotes & liaise with GCDeS

4.2 Screenshots:
Screenshots for use by members were approved. Two versions are available, one for widescreen and one for standard power point presentations.
Action: GCDeS to amend ‘periodicals’ to ‘journals’ and will forward the screenshots to members.

4.3 Brainstorm:
There was a discussion about promoting the work of the Consortium to Subject Librarians. It was agreed this should be done in collaboration with cpd25.
It was also agreed that the Group should investigate more closely the needs of non HEFCE members. This item was deferred for further discussion at the July meeting. FN will also consult the SG at their May meeting.
Action: FN to attend cpd25 planning day in April

5. Work plan
The Group’s work plan was reviewed.  Under point 6 FN will work on copy for a Wikipedia entry on the Consortium.

6. AOB

6.1 DP asked whether all members were informed that they should get the MCWG’s approval for quotes about the Consortium and cpd25 in the press. It was agreed this is the ideal scenario but unfortunately it is not always adhered to.

6.2 Items for next agenda:
• Image Archive
• Annual Report
• Services for non HEFCE members

6.3 Date and time of next meeting:Wednesday 15 July 2009, 14.30 – 16.30, Imperial College