24 November 2010

Digital Developments Working Group Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome and Apologies for Absence

Present:  Bethan Adams (BA), Gavin Beattie (GB), Douglas Dodds (DD), John Gilby (JG), Glyn Price (GPr), Marcus Wolley (MW), Georgina Parsons (GPa), Gurdish Sandhu (GS), and Andrew Amato (AA) (M25 Support Team – Web Services Project Officer)

Apologies: Sarah Crofts (SC)

As this was the first meeting BA had chaired, all attendees introduced themselves.BA announced that JT had stood down asChair as he was now Chair of the Consortium. BA also informed the group that SC had stood down due to additional responsibilities at Greenwich.

2. Previous Meeting

The minutes from previous meeting held on 22 June 2010 were agreed as a true record. Also noted was the cancellation of the planned meeting on 13 September 2010 as very few members were able to attend.

Actions from previous meeting:

  • Action 4.4 JG to investigate availability of usage data for Copac, SUNCAT, CAIRNS, and similar services. – This action will be covered during the visits detailed in Item 3.
  • Action 3.1 JT to Ask Alan Danskin to future DDWG meeting to further discuss Resource Description & Access – action status unknown
  • Action 3.2 JT to schedule a meeting to talk with the BL regarding the use of BL data with InforM25 – action status unknown
  • Action 5.1 to 5.3 Actions status unknown
  • Action 6.1 JT to discuss with Phillip Payne and Liz Chapman about what to do reagrding Walk-in Access – Note subsequent to meeting, action superceeded by similar action by M25 Steering Group.
  • Action 7.2.1 JT to contact Anne Bell regarding possible M25 involvement in SCONUL/HEFCE Shared Services work – action status unknown
  • Action 10.1 GP to schedule future meetings – action complete

Matters Arising – After many months HEFCE had finally responded to Liz Chapman stating that following a review of all Shared Services projects, WAM25 would receive no further funding, although somw HEFCE Shared Services projects were beng funded.

3. Review of InforM25 – Next Steps

JG gave an update on the work towards the InforM25 Review and announced that a very successful visit had been made to MIMAS on 22 November 2010 and then following this, a visit to Edinburgh in early December had been arranged to meet with Edina (SUNCAT) and Gordon Dunsire, who has responsibility for the Scottish CAIRNS and SCONE services.

Following some discussion, site visits to a small number of M25 libraries were agreed and volunteers noted to accompany JG & AA. The visits would be arranged as soon as possible.

4. Horizon Scanning Updates

GPr gave an update from the JISC perspective and GS did a similar update on SCONUL/HEFCE Shared Services. Reports on BL/CIBER and RIN/Eduserv were postponed.

5. AOB

JISC Funding Call 15/10

JG commented that although there were some ideas for potential bids originating from the M25 Support Team, these were not enough to be worked up into a bid, especially in the resource discovery strand. JG suggested that there was some very interesting work being done with activity data by MIMAS and it was hoped that there may be possibilities of collaboration on that in the future.

Action 5.1 BA/JG to take to the SG comments about the Consortium’s ability to respond to funding calls.

M25 Staff Room

AA informed the group that the M25 Staff Room was ‘Soft’ launched at the November M25 Networking Event and that any M25 library staff member is eligible to join. Membership was growing but more were still needed to get a critical mass. It was suggested that some documentation be written on how to get started.

6. Next Meetings

Action 6.1 JG to arrange meetings for 2011

Important Note Subsequent to Meeting (6 April 2011)

As of 25 February 2011 the Digital Developments Working Group has been wound up and its work taken over as follows:

  • M25 Staff Room – taken over by the Staff Room Task & Finish Group
  • Horizon Scanning – to be included for a wider audience within the M25 Staff Room
  • InforM25 Review – to continue to complete thework with the InforM25 Review Report Task & Finish Group

All incomplete actions are either transferred to the new groups or superceded by events.