Wednesday 9 October 2013

M25 Steering Group Meeting
UCL School of Pharmacy
Wednesday, 9th October 2013

Present: Bethan Adams (BA), Simon Bevan (SB), Claire Hackshall (CH), Caroline Lloyd (CL), Martin Scarrott (MS) and John  Tuck (JT)


1. Apologies:     

There were apologies from Angus Brown (AB), Erin Caseley (EC), Ann Cummings (AC),  Louise Doolan (LD), Kitty Inglis (KI), Michelle Wake (MW) and  Cathy Walsh (CW).


2. Minutes of the last meeting:

These were approved.


3. Matters arising:

Action Items:


JT and EC will agree a form of words about the pro-bono work carried out for the Consortium recently.


It was agreed that the Steering Group should have clear governance policies relating to work that is carried out under the auspices of the M25 both in terms of using the M25 ‘brand’ and in relation to any technologies or other projects developed.


It was agreed that themed meetings needed to be set up to consider IT governance and the ‘service catalogue’ of the Consortium.  It was agreed that the first of these would involve the officers and Martin Scarrott (Search25 role). This meeting would need to be before the appointment of the new Executive Manager to agree the role of the Executive Manager in this context and to consider any pressing concerns. It was agreed that  the new Executive Manager would be likely to develop an appropriate service catalogue; risk register and to lead on the development of appropriate support for IT projects/services going forward.


It was agreed that an update on all the main activities of the M25 Consortium would be sent out to members. This would cover re-location, staffing, IT and the websites.


4. M25 Support Team relocation progress report/plan:

4.1  Staffing

JT reported on the background work that had enabled the re-location of the Support Team to Senate House. This had included negotiation of TUPE arrangements, secondment agreements and HR services contracts. Interim temporary cover extensions had also been managed and further temporary administrative cover was being sought for the October to December period whilst the substantive posts were being filled.

4.2  Recruitment

JT reported that the initial response to the Executive Manager vacancy had been disappointing. The deadline had been extended by a week to October 13th and additional measures to advertise the post had been undertaken. It was hoped that new Executive Manager would have some input into the recruitment process for the M25 Administrator post.

4.3  IT

BA reported that the SLA with ULCC had been signed off in July. The domain name registration discussions between BA, ULCC, LSE IT and Graham Seaman had raised a number of questions relating to the architecture of the various eServices supported by the M25. ULCC agreed to review the documentation prepared by John Gilby on the various systems subject to an additional consultancy as this work was outwith the terms and conditions of the SLA. It was anticipated that this would involve an extra half-day consultancy work from them at the cost of around £300 + VAT. CL confirmed that this would be funded as essential work. It was noted that the LSE support expires at the end of October so we are entering into an at risk period for IT support.

Action Item : BA to progress


5. Treasurer’s update:

The group approved Kingston Smith as the auditors for the M25 Consortium until December 2014.

CL highlighted the adjustments to the budget since April in her report. These included the costs related to Mickey & Mallory’s support agreement for the  new websites, the costs associated with the Directors’ event costs as well as those relating to the relocation of the Support Team.

A provisional budget of £2K has been allocated for Customer Services Group activities. It was agreed that a business case for expenditure would need to be presented to and signed off by the Steering Group prior to expenditure taking place; also, that any expenditure should relate to the objectives as outlined in the M25 Implementation Plan for 2013/14.


6. Website update:

It was reported that Mickey & Mallory had completed the transition of the websites from Joomla to WordPress, M25 staff had been working to update content with support from M&M. It was agreed that a date should be set for their launch. Post meeting note: these are now live.

Action Item:

CL agreed to provide Jeni Smith with the details of the updates to the list of representatives for the M25 website. Post meeting note: Done


7. Cpd25 update:

It was reported that cpd25 task groups were currently working on their programmes of events for the current year. The first event would be taking place on 8th November and would be on applying to library schools.


8. Search25 Service Development Group:

MS reported that an event was held for Search25 champions during the summer and that this went well. It was reported that Graham Seaman is carrying out basic maintenance for Search25.It was agreed that Graham’s role and Search25 needed to form part of the discussions of the proposed IT meeting in preparation for the arrival of the new Executive Manager.

Action Item:

CH was asked to track down the second list of Search25 champions that were contacted regarding this event (original work undertaken by Norell Linton, when in post).


9. Customer Services conference update:

Planning for Professionalism and Engagement in Customer Service:  An M25 Customer Service Group Conference, November 7th 2013, King’s College, London was well underway. John Tuck would be attending for the first part of the day and will ‘endorse’ this new initiative. The support team would support any invoicing activity.


10. Director’s Event update:

KI’s information about the proposed Directors’ event was discussed.  It was agreed that a revised date of January/February would be a good time to run it. There were a number of questions relating to the content/structure of the day, breakdown of costs, a more detailed outline of the structure of the event.

Action Item:

JT to discuss the various questions with KI although the Group is generally supportive of the event and the timescale involved.


11. Annual conference:

SB reported that the date for the Annual Conference will be 29th April 2014 and ideas for the venue include Kew and the British Museum. The Group discussed the programme for the day and it was felt that the morning would involve a number of presentations but the afternoon could be run as group sessions with groups looking at such issues as data management and procurement. It was felt that a ‘state of the nation’ type keynote speaker was needed and a number of suggestions were made. With regards to sponsorship the group decided that the two levels should be £800 and £400 respectively.

Action Item:

JT agreed to email a couple of possible speakers and SB said he would revamp the programme by theme. It was also agreed that SB would send out a ‘save the date’ email with more details to follow in due course.


12. Annual Report and Relaunch Flyer:  

It was reported that the Annual Report was to have a ‘Bowie’ theme and that the deadline for this would be January. CH reported that the Relaunch flyer was currently being put together by the LSE Design Unit and a draft copy would be circulated as soon as it was available. Post meeting  note: this has been completed and will be disseminated as soon as possible.


13. Implementation plan – progress and planning:

JT had circulated this prior to the meeting and it was agreed that this would be looked at as a main agenda item in December.

Action Item:

JT agreed to recirculate the Implementation Plan to everyone, in time for them to update it before the next Steering Group meeting.


14. Membership (Steering Group/Consortial):

It was agreed to defer this topic until the December Steering Group meeting.


15. Representatives List:

Please see item 6.


16. Strategic Partnerships:

16.1 Northern Collaboration Access

JT updated the group on the above topic with a report that was for their information only.

16.2 KB+ developments

JT reported that there were going to be some new releases of KB+ and he thought that the Consortium could be a testbed for some of these.

16.3 Cost sharing group status

It was agreed to defer this topic to a future Steering Group meeting.


17. Meetings schedule 2013/14:

Key meeting dates were confirmed as follows:

6th December, pm, Brunel – Steering Group meeting;

20th January, Senate House – Planning Day;

14th March, pm, venue tbc – Steering Group meeting;

29th April – Annual Conference.


18. Any other business: