Wednesday 14 May 2008

Steering Group Meeting Minutes

Note: The following minutes were approved.

Minutes for the meeting held at London South Bank University

Present: Nick Bevan (Chair), Julie Brittain, Genein Cox-De Sousa, Adam Edwards, Robert Hall, Julie Howell, Sandy Leitch, Caroline Lloyd, Rosemary Lynch, William Marsterson, Ann Murphy, Mary Nixon, Maureen Wade.

1. Apologies for absence and welcome to new members
Frances Norton, Pete Ryan sent their apologies. Sandy Leitch was welcomed to her first meeting of the Steering Group.

2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 12th March 2008 were formally approved.

2.2 Matters arising:

Action points:
2.2.1 The extension of the Working Group’s guidance document to include CPD25 Task Groups was to be revisited at the July SG meeting.
2.2.2 The expenses claim form had been circulated.
2.2.3 With regards to unallocated responsibilities within the Steering Group, NB stated that he would hold off until after the June 2008 meeting when SG members were officially appointed to currently vacant posts.

It was noted that the M25 15th anniversary celebration had been very successful and thanks were expressed to all those concerned with organising  it, particularly Genein, who had done so much on the day.

3. Membership Applications    (Maureen Wade)
MN reported that there had been no progress with the application from the Horniman Museum, as a previously scheduled meeting had been cancelled.

NB raised the issue of inclusion of FE College libraries within the membership of the Consortium, following an email he had received. In discussion, SG members felt there would be no perceived reciprocal benefit to HE institutions. It was also noted that the lack of research support and the large number of FE colleges would change the nature of the Consortium. It was therefore agreed that the Consortium should continue to consider only HE institutions and other specialist and research institutions who are eligible under current membership criteria.

Action: MN to meet with representative of the Horniman Museum regarding their membership application.

4. Elections for the Steering Group   (Maureen Wade)
MW reported that the deadline for submission of nominations to fill vacant posts in the SG was the following day and so far she had received one nomination form for each of the available posts. It was noted that one current SG member had applied for one of the officer posts. If their application was successful , this would leave a vacancy on the SG, which would have to be filled by co-opting someone until the next elections.

Action: MW to send an update to the SG following the deadline for submission of nominations.

5. Strategic and Action Plan 2007/08 – 2008/09  (Nick Bevan)
The SG reviewed an updated version of the plan, based on decisions made at the Strategic Planning Day in March. Chairs of Working Groups were asked to update the projects section of the plan, and email to GC by 12:00 noon on Thursday, 29 May. The updated Strategic and Action Plan would to be circulated to members for the AGM in June.

Action: WG Chairs to update plan and send to GC by noon on 29 May

6. Risk Management Grid     (Nick Bevan)
The grid previously circulated at the Strategic Planning Day had been updated and passed to the SG for amendments. It was agreed that a review of the risk management grid would be undertaken annually.

WM noted that bringing together the M25 team under John Gilby did not address the risk of the single point of failure for the Systems Team. It was suggested that more routine tasks presently undertaken by JG could be delegated to other member(s) of the team. It was also noted that the part-time web post would help to reduce this risk.

7. Programme for June 2008 Consortium meeting  (Maureen Wade)
The SG considered a draft programme and agenda for the June AGM. It was agreed that NB would chair the panel discussion by the three speakers.

Considering that the Consortium’s AGM takes place in June and before the end of the academic year, it was agreed that annual reports submitted by CPD25 and other working groups would be presented at the January members’ meetings instead.

8. Key Projects for 2007/08 Update  

8.1 M25 Member Services Group
    (Rosemary Lynch)
RL gave an oral report on the work of the group. It was noted that there had been some confusion over the name of the group; this was agreed as the Task & Finish Group on Directors’ Services.

RL circulated a draft invitation to Directors for a series of events to foster shared learning, to take place in the near future. She asked SG members to provide feedback on a possible “umbrella heading” for the events.

Action: SG to email RL ideas about a heading.

8.1.1 Database of Experience
RL reported the group’s idea to develop a password protected Wiki on the M25 website, to be known as the “Directors’ Room”. This will accommodate the directory of experience and online discussion fora and will include search facilities. A draft profile template was approved by the SG and it  was agreed that SG members could be used as a sample group to populate and test the trial wiki,  to be set up by John Gilby.

 8.1.2 Mentoring
RL reported that an initial paper defining the role of mentor, coach, facilitator, etc, had been circulated to the task group for consideration. The idea was that these definitions would be provided as links on the profile template and would explain the requirements of the different roles.

8.2 WAM25 – Walk in Access Project Update (Maureen Wade)
MW thanked the project partners who had given their time and staff for discussion groups and project meetings. She reported that the first stage of the Feasibility Report had been received from the consultants. Subsequently HEFCE had asked for some additional quantitative data which was not readily available. The deadline as a result of the new requirements had been extended from the end of May to the end of June. The University College of the Creative Arts had agreed to be another partner in the pilot project. Two further partners were being sought for the pilot project, which HEFCE would be asked to fund.

SG members asked if the consultants’ report could be made available. The suggestion of making it available for download at a password protected area of the website was raised.

Action: MW to make document available once it had been approved by HEFCE

8.3 AIM25      (Maureen Wade)
MW reported that John Gilby had agreed with the Project Steering Group the extent of the technical work to be carried out and this was underway.

9. Financial matters      (Caroline Lloyd)

9.1 General update on 2007/08 finances

CL updated the SG on accounts for the 2007/08 academic year. She also  circulated a copy of an M25 Expenses Claim Form for expenses incurred doing the duties of the Consortium; this was approved. The forms would be available from GCD and the CPD25 administrator.

9.2 Draft budget for 2008/09
The cost of the M25 annual report was discussed and it was agreed that CL should allocate a fixed budget for it and notify FN.

NB revisited the idea of increasing CPD25 event prices so they operated on a small profit, to take account of increasing costs of Consortium initiatives agreed by members. The alternative would be to increase M25 subscriptions. It was agreed to take the issue to the membership at the AGM in June.

Action: CL to speak with FN about the budget for the annual report.
Action: NB to take the issue of increased CPD25 event prices to the members in June,

10. Update on Charitable Status    (Nick Bevan)
NB reported that he had completed and sent the application form to the Charities Commission and agreed to update the SG as soon as he received a response. The aim was to merge towards the Consortium into a single entity by the end of the 2007/08 academic year.

Action: NB to update SG members on the application for charitable status.

11.    Written Reports from Working Groups

11.1 Collaboration & Partnership  Adam Edwards
AE reported the following:

  • He was intending to meet with Andy Ryan (LLDA) and Fiona O’Brien the following week to progress the Inspire London project.
  • London Higher was due to meet with the group on the following Friday to discuss possible contribution to their new publications system.
  • A sub-group had been considering the group’s collaboration with the FE sector.

11.2 CPD25     Mary Nixon
MN reported the following:

  • Over the past 6 months, CPD25 ran 20 events and 6 visits to libraries. All events and visits had been fully booked other than the Chartership events.
  • The group intended to rerun some of the more popular events. It was also planning to shift the focus to target back-room staff and to run more events for library assistants.
  • Future events would be advertised with a target audience where applicable and some would recommend one participant per institution.
  • Plans for a revised exchange scheme were being drawn up to include placements for staff at various levels.

Action: MN to report on the exchange scheme at a later meeting

There was a discussion of the need for succession planning in the profession. It was agreed to revive the CPD25 Senior Managers’ course; SG members were asked to offer their advice and experience to the task group planning the course. It was agreed that the course should link in with the work of the T& F group on Directors’ Services, in terms of mentoring, job shadowing and networking groups.

Action: MN to write to Directors for suggestions about events.

11.3 Marketing & Communications  Frances Norton
A report from the working group was noted.

NB expressed concern that the current annual report production schedule began too early and before the end of the financial year. He felt that end of year decisions and achievements could be lost as a result of too-early report deadlines.  He proposed that the schedule should be pushed forward, to produce the report in time for the January members’ meeting.

11.4 Quality     Julie Howell
JH reported the following:

  •  The group was currently working on a detailed study of space utilisation and related costs in libraries and establishing some PI’s for a benchmarking exercise.

11.5 Resource Discovery   William Marsterson
WM reported that the three areas of focus for the group over the period had been progress with WAM25 and AIM25 and the development of a single user-focussed scheme for collection descriptions.
He reiterated his concern about demands on John Gilby’s time and noted that he looked forward to the appointment of the part-time web officer.

11.6 A report from the M25 Systems Team was noted.

12. Matters for next Steering Group meeting
• Ideas for January 2009 members’ meeting
• Calendar of events for next academic year, including dates of SG meetings
• Noted that next SG meeting would be on 9 July at London Metropolitan University

13. Any other business

Action Points

  • MN to meet with the representative of the Horniman Museum regarding their membership application.
  • MW to send an update to the SG following the deadline for submission of nominations.
  • WG Chairs to update strategic action plan and send to GC by noon on 29 May
  • SG to email RL ideas about a heading for events for Directors.
  • CL to speak with FN about a budget for the annual report.
  • NB to take the issue of increased CPD25 event prices to the members in June,
  • NB to update SG members about progress with the application for charitable status.
  • MN to report about the CPD25 exchange scheme at a later meeting
  • MN to write to Directors for suggestions about CPD25 events.