Wednesday 12 March 2008

Steering Group Meeting Minutes

Note: The following minutes were approved.

Minutes for the meeting held at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Present: Nick Bevan (Chair), Julie Brittain, Genein Cox-De Sousa, Adam Edwards, Robert Hall, Julie Howell, Caroline Lloyd, Rosemary Lynch, Ann Murphy, Mary Nixon, Frances Norton, Pete Ryan.

Apologies: Sandy Leitch, William Marsterson, Maureen Wade

1. Apologies for absence and welcome to new members
NB welcomed the following new members to the Steering Group: Julie Brittain, Ann Murphy and Pete Ryan.

2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
2.1 The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 12, December 2007 were formally approved.

Matters arising:

Action points:
2.2.1 It was agreed that with effect from the May 2008 meeting, WG Chairs would  report any new members to the SG.
2.2.2 Action: NB to follow up with MW about her consulting with MN regarding the Working Groups’ guidance document in reference to CPD25.
2.2.3 The Royal Botanic Gardens had been approached to host the June 2008 AGM however it was unable to on this occasion. GC had however confirmed that Kingston University was willing to host the meeting.
2.2.4 GC confirmed that Barry Sheerman was available to speak at the anniversary event.
2.2.5 With regards to the Collaboration & Partnership WG keeping a watching brief on the preparations for the 2012 Olympics, AE reported that Ann Sainsbury was on ALCL and so would be able to monitor progress.

3. Membership Applications    (Maureen Wade)
None  had been reported

4. Elections for Treasurer, Secretary and other positions on the Steering Group
 Three posts were identified as being up for election this year. The post of Secretary, as MW had come to the end of her second term in office; Treasurer, as CL was co-opted in the position after NB took on the position of Chair and one Steering Group member, FN had come to the end of her first term in office but was eligible to stand again.
   Action:  MW to make the call for nomination to fill these positions.

5. Allocation of responsibility for Access and Disaster Management
NB suggested that any interested SG members should approach him for informal discussions both about taking responsibility for the M25 Access & Borrowing Scheme and Disaster Management and about the post of Secretary as noted above.
   Action: Interested SG members to contact NB

6. MASC25 and enhancing InforM25   (Nick Bevan)
It was noted that this had been considered as part of the Planning Day and no further discussion was necessary at the Steering Group meeting.

7. Programme for June 2008 Consortium meeting  (Nick Bevan)
SG Members discussed possible ideas for the June 2008 AGM. The theme of focusing on international students / Internationalisation was raised for consideration.

[Post-meeting note: NB was unable to find speakers for this proposed theme, which may be considered for a later meeting. A programme for the June meeting, based on the theme of students needs, was subsequently drawn up by NB and MW and will be reported on at the May Steering Group meeting]

RL suggested that feedback from the Member Services working group based on the January 2008 breakout sessions and including future developments can be presented to the members during the AGM meeting.

8. M25 15th Anniversary Celebrations Update  (Genein Cox-De Sousa)
GC updated members on the progress of preparations for the 15th Anniversary celebrations to be held at the House of Commons on 3rd April, 2008. She reported that to date 115 guests had accepted the invitation to attend the event. SG Members were advised of the order of ceremonies for the evening and of their responsibility for  meeting and greeting guests as they arrived.
GC advised that a brief for Barry Sheerman and invitation cover letter still needed to be drafted preferably by an officer of the Consortium. NB agreed to draft the documents.
 Action: NB to draft documents for the event.

9. Key Projects for 2007/08 Update  

9.1 WAM25 – Walk in Access Project Update
9.2 AIM25
MW was not in attendance to provide the feedback for these projects.

10. Financial Report                    (Caroline Lloyd)
CL advised that she was in the process of doing an official M25 expenses claim form for use by officers, SG members and staff of the Consortium, where necessary.
    Action: CL to circulate  claim form once approved by officers.

11.  Matters for next Steering Group meeting

• Member’s Day AGM
• Update on Risk Analysis
• Update on Strategic Plan
• RDWG – “big idea”
• Finance – Subscriptions and next year’s budget

12. Any other business
Next meeting to be held at London South Bank University

Summary of Action Points
• NB to follow up with MW about her consulting with MN regarding the Working Groups’ guidance document in reference to CPD25.
• MW to make a call for nomination to fill the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and one SG member.
• Interested SG members to contact NB regarding the position of Secretary and taking responsibility for Access and Disaster Management.
• NB to do a brief for MP Barry Sheerman and cover letter for invitations for the M25 Anniversary event.
• CL to circulate M25 Expenses claim form once approved by officers