Wednesday 12 December 2007

Steering Group Meeting Minutes

Note: The following minutes have been approved.

Minutes for the meeting held at the LSE Library

Present: Nick Bevan, J. Adam Edwards, Robert Hall, Caroline Lloyd, Julie Howell, Rosemary Lynch, William Marsterson, Frances Norton, Maureen Wade.

In Attendance: Genein Cox–De Sousa, Liz Chapman (for item 3)

1. Apologies for absence and welcome to new members
Anne Poulson and Mary Nixon sent their apologies. It was noted that Anne Poulson had resigned from the Steering Group as she was leaving SOAS. NB expressed the thanks of the Steering Group to Anne for all the work she had done for the Consortium.

2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
 The minutes of the Steering Group meeting held on Wednesday 19 September, 2007 were approved
2.2 Matters arising
All actions from the previous SG meeting had been completed or would be covered later in the agenda.

3. Research Collections Database   (Liz Chapman)
Liz Chapman introduced her paper on the feasibility of a database of M25 research collections. She noted the potential overlap with MASC25 and the issues involved in defining and describing research collections. Her recommendation was that the Consortium should not duplicate work being done elsewhere.

In discussion, members noted that although MASC25 included some very useful content (and it was planned to include some non-HE collections) the data would be more visible if linked to the InforM25 suite of services. It was proposed that the option of enhancing InforM25 with links to MASC25 data should be considered.

The SG agreed that this should initially be raised by WM at RDWG in February, then taken forward at the SG Planning Day in March. WM would contact the Chair of MASC25 Steering Group (Paul Ayris) at an appropriate point.

4. Membership Applications    (Maureen Wade)
The Horniman Museum had expressed an interest in joining the Consortium and  MN had agreed to visit them to consider their membership but had not done so up to the time of the SG meeting. MW will contact MN to ask if she would be able to visit them before the January meeting so a decision can be made, to be put to the Members for approval.

5. Strategic and Action Plans 2007/08 – 2008/09   (Nick Bevan)
Members reviewed the plans for presentation to the Membership at the January 2008 meeting.

AE noted that item 2.7 should be amended, as the LHL & M25 Joint WG had been dissolved and liaison with LHL added to the responsibilities of the Collaboration & Partnership WG. AE would provide further information on the Collaboration & Partnership WG for the plan.

After some discussion it was agreed that the plan should include a single list of specific projects. NB to amend the document and forward to the SG for agreement.

6. Chairs and Membership of Working Groups   (Maureen Wade)
Members agreed the Guidance notes to Chairs of working groups, subject to comments by MN on behalf of CPD25.
It was noted that WG Chairs should bring a list of any new members to the next SG meeting for approval.

7. Programme for January 2008 Consortium meeting  (Maureen Wade)
Members discussed and agreed the programme for the January meeting.
JH advised that she will be presenting on both the Women’s Library and the TUC Library Collections. MW would send a brief to all speakers.

RL gave her apologies for the January meeting and agreed to appoint members of the Task and Finish group to work along with members of the SG who will chair the breakout sessions. In lieu of the groups individually feeding back to the membership it was agreed that MW and NB will provide summary feedback after lunch, before the AGM. RL suggested having a brief introduction about the Task and Finish group as a prelude to the discussions. RL will appoint a member of the group or provide text for the introduction. Based on the questionnaire to be sent to M25 Directors RL will send MW and GC 4/5 topics for discussion in the breakout groups.

The business meeting agenda was agreed, with the addition of a Chair’s report summarising the last six months of activities within the Consortium.

MW to ask Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew about the possibility of hosting the June 2008 AGM.

8.  M25 15th Anniversary Celebrations   (Maureen Wade)
MW announced the venue for the celebrations as the House of Commons Terrace, to be held on 3rd April, 2008. GC to ask the House of Commons’ organiser to enquire if Barry Sheerman MP (event sponsor) will be available to speak at the event, although other speakers will also be considered. MW proposed that a sub-group should be set up for planning the celebrations and was happy to lead, working along with GC. JH also volunteered as a member. FN was asked to provide a member of the Marketing and Communications WG for the group.

It was suggested that invitees, in addition to M25 Directors should be: founding members, working group members and two members per institution. Further arrangements for the event will be undertaken by the sub-group and fed back to the SG by email and at the March SG meeting.

9. Key Projects for 2007/08 Update

9.1 M25 Task & Finish Group – Member Services    (Rosemary Lynch)
RL reported that a questionnaire to Directors, soliciting their feedback on required services would be sent out before the Christmas break and a reminder sent in the New Year.

9.2 WAM25 – Walk in Access Project Update           (Maureen Wade)
MW reported a letter had been received from HEFCE approving funding for the feasibility study. HEFCE had proposed a deadline date of March 31, 2008 for submission of the report, but in view of the late notification of funding MW had negotiated a deadline of May. MW and John Gilby would draft an invitation to tender for consultancy for the study. MW to inform  the six participating institutions about the project’s progress and of their expected involvement.

9.3 AIM25                    (Maureen Wade)
MW reported that WM and JG had been invited to join the AIM25 Steering Committee. WM confirmed that the first meeting is likely to be held in mid January, 2008. CL enquired about the dispensing of M25 funds for the funding of the project. WM will ask for clarification at the AIM25 meeting.

10. Revision to M25 Governance Documents                (Maureen Wade)
The Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association needed to be amended in preparation for the Consortium’s application for charitable status. MW had revised them, with assistance from a financial consultant. The Rules for the Conduct of Business had also been amended although not needed for charitable status. SG Members were asked to review the revisions to the documents more closely and where necessary feedback to MW early in the New Year.  The revised documents would be taken to the January Consortium meeting for approval.
It was agreed that the final revised documents would be posted on the M25 website as PDF documents.

11. National Initiatives Working Group          (Nick Bevan/Caroline Lloyd)
NB and CL reported on ideas proposed by this University of London Libraries Committee (ULC) working group, for bids to the University of London Vice-Chancellor’s Fund.

12. Financial matters                      (Caroline Lloyd)
CL reported that the 2006/07 accounts had been audited and approved. She noted that the Consortium was currently £9,500 in surplus which represented the funds allocated to the AIM25 project and had a reserve of £117,500.00. CPD25’s accounts had also been audited and approved. Subscriptions for the 2007/08 academic year were still outstanding from some institutions. CL to send GC a list of the institutions for chasing.

13. CPD25 Report                           (Mary Nixon)
The report was noted. WM suggested that it would be useful if CPD25 could produce brief guidelines for M25 working group Chairs wishing to run joint events with CPD25. GC to ask MN about drafting guidelines.

14.  Reports from Working Groups

Chairs presented written reports on the  progress of Working Groups over the past six months.

14.1 Collaboration & Partnership  Adam Edwards
AE reported on a meeting he had attended with the London Health Libraries Council. It had been agreed that Dilys Hall of the Collaboration & Partnership group would attend the LHL group to act as the link with M25.
AE raised the issue of collaborative efforts surrounding the 2012 Olympics.  It was proposed that the most useful role for the Consortium would be to work with select member institutions local to the Olympics and facilitate collaboration between them and relevant regional bodies. AE to keep a watching brief on developments via the website and note any progress. RL was asked to consider that this could possibly be an area for the T&F group to get members engaged.

14.2 Marketing & Communications   Frances Norton
FN introduced her paper on ideas for an M25 prize , which had been proposed by the Marketing & Communications working group.
The SG agreed not to take forward a separate M25 prize but asked the working group to focus on promoting the existing CPD25 prize.

14.3 Quality     Julie Howell
Members noted the report submitted by the Quality Working Group. JH reported that the group was still in the process of discussing potential big ideas, in order to propose one main project to the SG for funding. Projects under discussion included: benchmarking of space utilisation; an audit of institutions with formal quality standards, eg Investors in People, Chartermark.  The group was considering doing some work on the application of the Quality Maturity Model highlighted in the SCONUL Focus issue 38. NB promised to put JH in touch with the report’s author Frankie Wilson.

14.4 Resource Discovery    William Marsterson
WM put forward to the SG two staffing proposals to support the work of the Systems Team.
i) A short term proposal to employ someone for a period of 4 weeks to carry out specific project work such as developing usage statistics for the three websites. If agreed, an individual had been identified for secondment.
ii) In the longer term it was proposed to appoint a 0.5 post to assist in managing the three websites, thereby freeing up JG’s time to deal with more resource discovery services and new developments.

The SG agreed to the first proposal. With regard to the second one, NB proposed that this should be considered in the context of Consortium staffing a in the wider framework of the Consortium being joined into one entity. The SG agreed that a sub-group, consisting of MW; CL; MN and WM should consider the issue further and come to the SG Planning day in March with proposals.

The SG noted the report submitted by the M25 Systems Team.

15. Matters for next Steering Group meeting

  • 15th Anniversary Celebrations
  • June 2008 Members meeting – Programme Draft
  • MASC25 & enhancing InforM25
  • Staffing issues
  • Task & Finish Group

16. Any other business

It was agreed that the SG will return to Etcvenues – Prospero House, for the March 2008 SG meeting and planning day. GC to make the necessary booking.

Summary of Action Points

1) WM to raise issue of MASC25/InforM25 linkage at RDWG in February and SG Planning Day in March. WM also to contact Chair of MASC25, Paul Ayris at an appropriate point.
2) MW to contact MN about visiting the Horniman Museum before the January meeting.
3) NB to amend the Strategic & Action plans and forward to the SG for agreement.
4) WG Chairs to bring a note of new members to the next SG meeting for approval.
5) MW to ask MN to comment on Working Groups guidance document re. CPD25.
6) RL to appoint members of the T&F group to work with members of the SG to chair the breakout sessions and send MW and GC 4/5 topics for discussion in the breakout groups.
7) RL to appoint a member of the group or provide the text for an introduction to breakout sessions.
8) MW to ask Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to host the June 2008 AGM.
9) GC to enquire about getting Barry Sheerman to speak at the event.
10) MW to set up a sub-group to organise the event.
11) MW to inform the six participating institutions about the WAM25 project progress and of their expected involvement.
12) WM to raise issue of M25 funding for the AIM25 project at the AIM25 Steering Committee and let CL and JG know.
13) All SG members to send MW any further comments on governance documents.
14)  CL to send GC a list of the institutions who have not yet paid up on subscriptions, for chasing.
15)  GC to ask MN to draft a document about Chairs and working groups’ engagement with CPD25 with regard to the planning of events.
16) AE to keep a watching brief on the preparations for the 2012 Olympics, including the website.
17) NB to put JH in touch with Frankie Wilson re: Quality Maturity Model.
18) GC to book the etcvenues – Prospero House for the March 2008 SG meeting and Annual Planning Day.
19) Sub-group consisting of MW,CL,MN and WM to meet and develop proposals re. M25 staffing for SG Planning Day in March.