Tuesday 6 March 2012

Note: The following minutes are unapproved and will be formally agreed at the next meeting of the Steering Group.

Minutes of the meeting held at Kingston University on March 6th 2012

Present: Angus Brown (AB), John Gilby (JG), Kitty Inglis (KI), Sandy Leitch (SL), Caroline Lloyd (CL), Antony Loveland (AL), Anne Murphy, Nikki Randall (NR), Pete Ryan (PR), John Tuck (JT). Erin Caseley (EC) , Associate Director Customer Services Strategy, King’s College London, attended the meeting for Agenda Item 8.

1. Welcome and any apologies:

Apologies from Bethan Adams (BA), Louise Doolan (LD) & Michelle Wake (MW).The Consortium expressed sincere thanks to Pete Ryan and Ann Murphy for their contribution and hard work as Steering Group members over the past four years.

2. Minutes of the last SG meeting and Planning Day:

2.1 Approval of minutes:
The minutes from the SG meeting held on 9th December 2011 were agreed as a true record.
The minutes from the SG planning day held on 13th January 2012 were agreed as a true record provided the following amendments are made:
• Remove Caroline Lloyd’s initials (CL) from Agenda Item 3.10 Digital Aggregation.
• Remove Anne Murphy’s initials (AM) from Actions 1a, 1b, & 1c Marketing and Communications.
Actions: 2.1 NR to remove CL initials from Planning Day minutes Agenda Item 3.10. 2.2 NR to remove AM initials from Planning Day minutes Actions 1a, 1b, 1c Marketing and Communications.

2.2 Matters arising: Content Management System (CMS)
JG changed the CMS ‘estimate’ into a brief and the SG noted they were happy with the brief as it currently stands. JT asked about the timescale for completing the work and CL noted we need to identify what we want in the new website and have a list of items that are not going to be carried over (to the new website) by 16th April 2012. JG advised he was meeting with SL and NR on Thursday 8th March to review the current content of the M25lib website. AL and Claire Hackshall will be reviewing the cpd25 website later in April. It was agreed that JG should seek quotes from 3 or more suppliers/contractors to give a fair comparison. JG would appreciate any recommended suppliers. CL recommended ILRT in Bristol, JT proposed ULCC, AL suggested someone from JISC might advise; AM suggested ESP and can email the link to JG.

Actions:2.3 SG members to email recommended CMS suppliers to JG by end of March 2012; 2.4 JG to seek 3 or more quotes from suppliers to complete the CMS scope of work as outlined in the brief for commencement in mid-April 2012; 2.5 JG, SL & NR to review M25lib website and determine what should be carried over to new website on 8 March 2012; 2.6 AL & Claire Hackshall to review cpd25 content and determine what should be carried over to the new website before 16th April 2012.

3. Chair’s Update

3.1 The Future of Library Management Systems, workshop at Warwick University January 2012 JT provided a brief update on this workshop and suggested, watching the film by Lorcan Dempsey.

3.2 CERL: Consortium of European Research Libraries JT will keep the SG informed about a possible subscription to CERL.

3.3. Task and Finish Groups: Elaine Salter has agreed to take on leadership of the Staff Room Task and Finish Group. Elaine will work with Louise Doolan (SG Champion) and other Group members to take forward this important area of activity. Thanks are expressed to Mathew Lawson, University of Middlesex, who led the group until the end of 2011.

3.4 Publicity: Following interviews with JT and AL in October 2011, articles about cpd25 and the M25 Consortium will appear in the March and April issues of CILIP Update respectively. Contributions are also being submitted to Sally Curry for a forthcoming issue of the Inspire Newsletter. [Post meeting note: Interviews with AL and JT have appeared in the March and April 2012 issues of CILIP Update respectively; the supplement to the March issue of Inspire Newsletter was devoted to M25 Consortium. This newsletter has been circulated to all of the M25 JISC mailing lists].

3.5 2013 Celebrations
JT had made tentative contact with former chairs of the Consortium: Nick Bevan, Robert Hall and Suzanne Enright, with a view to engaging their support and input to a 20th anniversary celebratory event in 2013. John will follow up tentative enquiries with a more substantive meeting in May or June 2012. Action: 3.1 JT to set up 2013 anniversary meeting with former M25 Chairs to discuss ideas in May/June 2012.

4. SEARCH25 Update from John Gilby

The SEARCH25 board held its second meeting on Feb 14th, 2012 and the project continues to go very well having met all deliverables thus far. A SEARCH25 project officer has been appointed on a 6 month contract, subject to final approval. [Post meeting note: James Riding commenced working as the SEARCH25 Project officer on 14th March 2012]. Development of the prototype is continuing and a presentation was given at the board meeting. The technical blog posts have been held up as an exemplar by JISC. The project agreements have been signed thanks to JT for his perseverance. Sheffield University Information School started their subcontract beginning February and have completed the online questionnaire, due to go live mid- March. Arrangements for the 7 focus groups (for evaluating the prototype) are being finalised and will take place all over London and in the South East in April. The other subcontract with SERO has commenced and a Bibliographic data workshop will take place on 18 March 2012. The project finances are going to plan.

5. Treasurer’s Update

5.1 Budget and Subscriptions 2012-13 for approval
The SG agreed to the 2012/2013 budget presented by the Treasurer at the SG meeting (for a PDF copy of the minutes that includes the budget table, please email m25sgadmin@lse.ac.uk).

5.2 Appointment of Auditors
The SG agreed that the Kingston Smith should continue to provide financial services until after the annual review of the accounts for 2011/12 and agreed for the M25
Treasurer (CL) to provide this recommendation to the AGM on 19th April 2012.

5.3 Guide to expenses to be formally agreed
The M25 Guidance on Expenditure (in connection with M25 business) was formally agreed by the SG. This document should be distributed to the cpd25 chairs, the task and finish group chairs and the SG members. Actions: 5.1 CL to include above listed amounts in the 2012/2013 budget to be presented to the AGM on 19th April 2012. This needs to be completed in time to distribute papers 21 days before the date of the AGM. 5.2 CL to present appointment of auditors, Kingston Smith, to the AGM on 19th April 2012. This needs to be completed in time to distribute papers 21 days before the date of the AGM. 5.3 NR to distribute M25 Guidance on Expenditure (version 6 March 2012) to cpd25 Administrator for circulation to the cpd25 chairs, the task and finish group chairs (Elaine Salter & Jane Faulkner) and the SG members. Note: NR to come up with a full list of Task and Finish groups to check with JT before distributing the guidance document.

6. Marketing Update

AB outlined 4 substantive elements of work to be done around Marketing and Promotion. These 4 areas include:

1. M25 New Members and Core Offer
2. Access and Borrowing Scheme
4. 20th Anniversary Event

In addition to these priorities, AB suggested the next stage should be to identify a marketing lead to interpret the consortium style, look feel, consistency, visual identity and how it joins together. PR suggested that a high level communications strategy was required that filtered down through all the work and projects the consortium does and further discussion about this is required. A new marketing lead from the consortium SG will need to be identified and will take this work forward in the form of a Task and Finish Group with a set of allocated responsibilities and owners, i.e. as per the objectives and personnel below:

JT summarised the initial marketing objectives as:

1. Identify what the benefits are for new members and refresh the material about the consortium membership scheme. These should be prioritised.
2. We need to launch SEARCH25 and identify how the resource discovery aspect of the consortium is going to work and we could use our project officer to help with this event.
3. Anniversary event is the highlight of the 20th year.
4. Annual Report.

In order to complete this work, AB and PR will refresh item 1, JT and JG will discuss the communication strategy for SEARCH25 with the project group in the first instance, we will ask the 20th anniversary celebrations group to identify appropriate material and the officers will discuss the Annual Report. A new Marketing SG Champion will need to be identified at the next Steering Group meeting.

Actions:6.1 SG officers to discuss the timeline for the Annual Report and determine who needs to report back to the July SG meeting about where the 2011/2012 Annual Report is up to. Note: we would like to engage the LSE design unit to undertake the design work of the Annual Report for 2011/2012. 6.2 AB to draft text on the New Member information and have something ready for the next steering group meeting in July. This information should be signed off the SG officers and the M25 Support Team. 6.3 JT and JG to feed text to the SEARCH25 project and assist the SEARCH25 project officer to develop a SEARCH25 communication strategy and contribute to how the resource discovery aspect of the consortium is going to work. 6.4 CL to allocate