Thursday 7 March 2013

M25 Steering Group Meeting Minutes The University of
East London, London
Thursday 7th March 2013

Present: Bethan Adams (BA), Angus Brown (AB),  Erin Caseley (EC) , Ann Cummings (AC), Louise Doolan (LD), Jeni Smith (JS), Sandy Leitch (SL), Caroline Lloyd (CL), Norell Linton (NL Notes),  , Cathy Walsh (CW), Antony Loveland (AL) Martin Scarrott (MS), John Tuck (JT), Michelle Wake (MW)


1. Welcome and Apologies (JT)

Apologies – Rupert Williams (RW)

The Steering Group formally recorded thanks to John Gilby, M25 Administration and Project Manager, who retired in January 2013, having given 15 years of dedicated service to the Consortium. The Steering Group also extended its thanks to Nikki Randall, M25 Administrator, for her commitment and contribution to the M25 Consortium. Thanks were also expressed to Rupert Williams who had resigned from the Steering Group in view of taking up a new appointment in Qatar.

2 Minutes of the last SG meeting

2.1 Approval of minutes:

The minutes from the SG meeting held on 11th December 2012 were approvedwith the following amendments

6.2 …MS indicated that recurrent funding would be required to maintain Search25. CL proposed that £5000 be rolled forward from the 12/13 to the 13/14 budget, but funding in future years will be subject to annual review.

The minutes of the Planning Meeting held on the 1st February 2013 were approved.

2.2 Matters Arising

New subscription fees will be presented to members at the AGM and the impact of changing in JISC banding flagged. Action CL

CL to compare auditing fees with SCONUL and discuss at the July SG meeting in the Treasurer’s report. Action CL

CMS Update

The work to update and replace our websites and services is of a high priority to the Consortium. The Steering Group gave its full support to this work and authorised MS and AL to progress the migration work following the tender process. Mickey and Mallory were the approve suppliers of this work on the condition their quote had not significantly changed.

Post meeting note, Mickey and Mallory have been appointed to carry out the work with an intended completion date in June 2013. The Consortium also has the option to purchase ongoing support from Mickey and Mallory and this will be discussed at the next SG. The scope of the project also included an investigation and repair of the problems experienced by the Staff Room and corruption problems.


SL offered to request the advice of the local web team at Kingston to consider the potential to create a very temporary and reduced web site.
Post meeting note, this investigation indicated that this was not a viable option and it would be more sensible to progress quickly to a robust solution to meet all our requirements.

LD will contact staff who have expressed an interest in joining the Staff Room but have been unable to do so due to the registration problems to update on the situation


3. Relocation and IT issues

JT provided an update on progress with regard to relocation of the Support Team from LSE Library to a new location within the University of London (in Senate House Library) . Discussions concerning with the lease, IT and charges are well underway. JT/SL will follow up with University of London Estates

For IT, three options based on level of IT support are provided and HR services scoped. BA will follow up IT matters with the University of London

The cost of space, IT and HR services will be considered by the Officers alongside any additional costs with a view to a decision being made in advance of the next meeting.


The Support Team will sketch an office layout to present to UoL Estates.

Norell, Claire and Jenni to draw up work space design.

BA will request clarification of the different levels of services under the £300, £550, £1,500 IT Options and the equipment replacement cycle

Officers will continue discussion with UoL as appropriate to firm up a more formal agreement. A paper will be available to the Steering Group with a view to a decision being made before the next SG meetingagreement prior to the next Steering Group meeting.


4. Events

4.1 AGM AGM – Papers and Deadlines

Nominations for SG and Officer Vacancies must be advertised six weeks in advance of the AGM. Action – SL will put this in place.

Members must be notified of the AGM at least 21days in advance. Given the Easter break it was agreed that the AGM pack would be circulated by Norell by the 28th March. In order to do this she will need papers by the 21st March at the latest so she can prepare the pack for circulation. Action JT, CL, SL and NL to circulate.

4.2 M25 Conference 2013

MW – confirmed that the venue and speakers for the AGM and Conference are confirmed. MW will investigate the possibility of the Wellcome Library providing tours. There has been significant interest in sponsorship and three sponsors have been confirmed. MW requested Steering Group volunteers to review the prospectus and give any suggestions.

4.3 20th Anniversary Event

AC-provided an update on behalf of the organising group. The Stationers’ Hall is the confirmed venue and NL has caterers provisionally booked. Sponsors are being sought for the event and AC will investigate the potential for interest from stationery companies. Speakers are to be confirmed. Action – Planning Group

The recommended dress code was discussed and Black Tie optional was preferred by the SG.

Invitations will be sent electronically but a small number of printed versions will be available to be used as appropriate and a photographer will be available. The venue does have limited capacity and invitations will be restricted. It is anticipated that staff members who have worked on Consortium groups for less than six months will not receive invitations.

CL suggested looking into designing a special 20th Anniversary logo.

Action Items

AC, KL to create sponsorship prospectus

NL to contact caterers to secure booking with a deposit

AC, KL will look into stationerry companies for sponsorship.


5. Consortium Services

5.1 Customer Services Group

EC presented the Customer Services Group report covering aims of the Group, A list of the task groups and their core purpose and a table of deliverables for the 12/13 and 13/14 years. The SG was asked to consider the resource requirements for these.

The Steering Group noted the request for administrative support to upload material to the website. The review of the CMS, relocation of the support team and current events were noted and as a result this may need to be reconsidered once new arrangements are in place.

EC noted that a colleague at King’s would be in a position to offer support to develop a benchmarking repository and so it may not be necessary to find funds to develop a professionally constructed database as King’s were able to support this in house.

Whilst the generosity of this offer is greatly appreciated the Steering Group expressed some concerns about development in our current technical context.

It was noted that a costed business case would assist development and ensure compatibility with the new M25 technical context as well as establishing a sustainable maintenance model. It was agreed that if any work had been carried out on a pro bono basis, then an exchange of correspondence would be put in place to confirm this.

It was agreed that there was a need for an M25 Consortium policy with regard to defining work with third parties, in a particular as regards technical work.

AB- reported the event held on 12th February 2013 at the Royal Veterinary College for approximately 30 people, was a success

EC noted the task group events were successful.

EC also drew attention to a self-funded conference scheduled for November. It was agreed that some Support Team input would be made available for this.


JT to ensure any necessary correspondence and policy was put in place relating to third party work.

5.2 Cpd25 (verbal update from AL)

AL indicated that the cpd25 programme continues to attract very good attendance. The annual cpd25 planning meeting is scheduled for the 20th March. At this meeting the cpd task groups and events for next year will be reviewed.

5.3 Search25 (MS) (support document)

MS presented the Search 25 group paper and updated the SG on the recent meeting. The Search25 Group recommended that the role of the Search25 champions is clarified and the group intends to organise a meeting using a free venue to help form a coherent group. It is envisioned that the meeting will include a demonstration of Search25, plus discussion of marketing methods and possible improvements to the service. MS also noted that the main M25 Consortium website has emerged as a topic of concern The Search25 group agreed that it would be appropriate for the group to widen the remit to include consideration of the Consortium’s web presence including Search25. Action MS

MS and AL to contact Mickey and Mallory (ULCC’s web design partner) to further investigate costs and options. (Action AL and MS)


6. Project Groups

6.1. EBASS25 (JT)

The SG acknowledged the success of this JISC funded consortium project and welcomed the reports. Sincere thanks were extended to staff who worked on this project to ensure its success. There was significant interest and attendance at the dissemination event. JT will continue to meet with JISC collections for further discussion.

6.2 Staff Room (verbal update from LD)

The development of Staff Rroom advertising postcards has been completed but cannot be sent due to the issues with the CMS. Once CMS issues are resolved they will be distributed.

6.3 M25/RIDLs Information Literacy (verbal update from CW)

This work is ongoing and CW will re-circulate her update from the previous meeting as this had been inadvertently omitted.

Action CW to circulate Group update.


7. Treasurer’s Report (standing item) (CL)

7.1 Subscriptions and Budget for 2013/2014

SG agreed there should be a 2% increase to subscriptions in 2013/14. This provides an additional £2,250 of income.

CSL noted that it was agreed at the planning event to cease funding for meals for M25 and cpd25 groups/steering groups. There may still be a need for occasional lunches to discuss M25 business with potential volunteers but these will be kept to a minimum. The savings from the meals has been divided between the conference and the networking event (Directors’ Event in 2013/14).

SG agreed the proposed budget for 2013/14. The priority is the replacement of the CMS. The cpd25 surplus from 2011/12 will be used to fund this. It may be necessary to supplement this from the reserves.

SG noted the current shortfall in reserves and agreed the wording to report to the AGM. It will be necessary to use the cpd25 surplus from 2012/13 to build up reserves and this will impact the work that can be carried out in 2014/15.

SG discussed the need to review the subscription model in light of changes in JISC bands. It is vital to find a means that does not disproportionately affect some members. The change will be flagged in the AGM papers.

Action: CSL to finalise subscriptions, budget and supporting paper for AGM

The Guidelines on Expenses need to be updated and the final document agreed at July SG. This ensures that new SG members are aware of the guideline. Action: CSL to circulate draft prior to July SG.


8. M25 Strategy – 2013/2014 to 2015/2016 and 9. Implementation plan.

JT presented the almost final drafts of the Strategy and Implementation plan for final comments. These were approved by the Steering Group.


10. Open Access: JISC APCs (verbal update from JT)

JT summarised the project and encouraged all those interested in a consortial approach to contact him and the project manager. Action All


11. Risk Register Revised

This revised risk register was approved following revisions proposed at the planning day.


12. Membership (standing item)

SL had been contacted by the Royal college of Radiology  who are interested in joining.

Action AB will take this forward.

AB suggested a target to increase membership by 3 by December 2013


13. Strategic partnerships (standing item)

Nothing was reported.


14. Checking of Representatives list (standing item) (All) (support document)

London Met – Laura Simmons will be the interim London Metropolitan representative.


15. M25 Steering Group Calendar (standing item) (support document)

March SG Meeting Thursday 7th March 2013 University of East London
M25 2013 Annual Conference Tuesday 23rd April 2013 Wellcome Collection Conference Centre
20th Anniversary Celebrations Wednesday 12th June 2013 The Stationers’ Livery Hall
Relocation of the M25 Support Team Sometime in June/July 2013 To be confirmed
July Steering Group Meeting To be advised – this should be set at the March   Steering Group meeting in 2013. To be advised – usually someone from the M25   Steering Group volunteers to host the meeting at their institution.