Thursday 10 May 2007

Steering Group Meeting Minutes

Note: The following minutes have been approved.

Minutes of the meeting held at LSE Library.

Present:  Nick Bevan, Robert Hall, Caroline Lloyd, Frances Norton, Anne Poulson, Maureen Wade, Christine Wise, John Wolstenholme.

In Attendance: Mike Clarke (for Item 2), Genein Cox, John Gilby (for Item 13)
1. Apologies for absence
Mary Davies, J. Adam Edwards, Nicky Kershaw, Máire Lanigan, Brian Murphy, Jean Yeoh

2. Regional Collaboration
    2.i To receive an update on the LLDA and related regional issues

MC reported that Lynne Brown had stepped down as Chair of the LLDA Board (now re-branded as an executive committee) and a new Chair would be elected from amongst the new elected members. In answer to an enquiry from FN, RH confirmed that MD had been a part of the Board  in her position as Chair of the Collaboration and Partnership working group, and would be continuing to represent the Consortium on the LLDA Executive Committee. MC also reported on a number of LLDA initiatives detailed in his report.

3. Minutes from last meeting
The minutes of the Steering Group meeting held on Thursday 8 March, were approved.

3.ii Matters arising:

MW reported that she had not yet heard the outcome of the AIM25 bid to the University of London’s V-Cs fund, to which the Consortium had agreed to contribute £10k.
She also reported that Trinity College of Music had decided not to proceed with M25 membership.

4.  HEFCE Shared Services Bid

4.i The members received an update on the bid for the WAM25 project

MW reported that the HEFCE bid for a feasibility study on Walk-in access to e-resources in the M25 Consortium (WAM25) had been submitted on time and that she was awaiting feedback, during May.

5. Development Planning
 5.i Reports on progress against Action Plan 2006/07 (all)
MW asked members of the SG to submit working group updates for the Action Plan by 16th May, so  that an updated version could be made available to members at the June 1st AGM.

 5.ii Procedure for drafting Action Plan for 07/08

5.iii Procedure for revising Strategic Plan following June 2007 meeting

Based on the outcome of the SG planning day and the Members’ feedback from the June AGM it was recommended that a first draft of the Strategic Plan should be brought to the July SG meeting. A working Strategic Plan and draft Action Plan should be available by the September SG meeting. Both documents would be presented to the members at the January M25 business meeting.

6.  Elections for the Steering Group

 6.i  Members received an update on the current status of nominations.

MW reported that they had received one candidate for the position of Chair (Nick Bevan) and four candidates for election to the four vacancies on the  Steering Group including Adam Edwards and Anne Poulson for a second term and two new members, Julie Howell and Rosemary Lynch.

 6.ii To finalise the proposal to be put to the June 2007 AGM re. additional elected posts

It was agreed that the SG needed three additional co-opted members to perform the business of the Consortium and this would be proposed to members at the AGM on 1 June.

Action: MW to write a proposal for changes to the Steering Group membership arrangements, to be taken to the members for agreement, at the 1 June meeting.

7. Selection of new Chair of cpd25 – Update

7.i Members heard a progress report on the selection of a new Chair for CPD25

MW reported that interviews for the post of Chair of CPD25 were to be held on 24 May, for two candidates.
It was recommended that Chairs of working groups leaving the Steering Group should have a handover to the new Chair, of at least one working group meeting, as a member.

Action: The new Chair of CPD 25 to be announced at the June AGM.

8. June 2007 AGM

8.i Members were asked to finalise the Morning Programme, including chairs of breakout groups.

MW reported that Helen Workman (Oxford Brookes University) and Julie Brittain (Institute of Development Studies) had confirmed that they would each make presentations about their institutions and why they had joined the M25 Consortium.

The morning programme was agreed, including the two presentations followed by group breakout sessions. Members present agreed to facilitate the 5 topics as follows:

A. Resource discovery, collections and access
B. Director level support
C. Changing roles of libraries and librarians
D. Use of the M25 website
E. Identity, boundaries and size of the M25 Consortium

Action: MW and GC to divide membership into the 5 groups and prepare a group list  to be made available on the day of the meeting.

8.ii Members were asked to finalise on the Agenda for the Business Meeting
MW presented a draft agenda for the business meeting, which was agreed upon.
9. Marketing & Communication Plan

9i Members reviewed an update of revisions made to the Marketing & Communications plan.

9.ii  Members provided feedback on the plan 

Most of the actions laid out in the plan were approved. However, it was felt the idea of the image repository needed more thought, ie whether the images would actually be reused and if the costs of building a collection was warranted.

MW suggested that the plan should identify target audiences and clarify which actions related to which audiences (e.g. Directors, external stakeholders, members, all library staff).

It was also recommended that it would be useful if a key of the working group members was included to link to the initials in the “owner” column.

 Action: Chair of Marketing & Communications working group to amend plan

10. Disaster Planning – Progress Report (Christine Wise)

 10.i Members received a progress report on the Disaster Planning website revision.

CW reported that the disaster planning pages were not yet live on the M25 website but all the content had been uploaded. The custom download component was still being improved upon by the design company. She believed it would be completed and live within a month.

CW asked the SG to consider two approaches made to her re. disaster planning initiatives:

1) Collaboration with Museum Documentation Association (MDA) on best practice on disaster planning via the Collections Link web pages. The potential areas of collaboration were promotion of the Disaster Management toolkit and the development of [virtual, downloadable] training modules  in disaster planning which could be licensed for use via the  MDA. She suggested that there might be funding forthcoming from the MDA to support some initiatives.

SG members could not see a clear return on investment  for the Consortium and that they would not want to fund such a project, but felt that it was possible to give support. A partnership with CPD25 could be considered.

Action: CW to notify the MDA of the SG decision.

2) Publication of the disaster planning bibliography (comprising over 500 publications) arising from the AHRC-funded Safeguarding Heritage at Risk project. The project team was willing to continue to maintain and update the contents, but the bibliography needed a home,  with due acknowledgement to the AHRC. It was agreed this was an excellent opportunity to collaborate in promotion of a  significant piece of research. CW noted that the current format was in EndNote.  It was agreed that MW would investigate the practicalities of hosting the bibliography on the Consortium website. However, it was noted that, should the Consortium wish in future to provide the disaster management toolkit  to members only, there could be implications of using third party material like this.

Action: MW to speak with JG about the overhead involved and the feasibility of hosting and maintaining the bibliography on the M25 website.

CW to forward contact information for Graham Matthews to the Systems Team.
11. Finance
11.i A discussion of next year’s budget.
11.ii Financial Review – responses from auditors
11.iii General update on 2006/07 finances

NB presented a spreadsheet of proposed subscriptions for 2007/08 as well as the proposed budget for the same period. He reported that there was the possibility of a £7,000 deficit for the current financial year, if all of the following payments were taken into account:
AIM25 bid – £10,000, LLDA Subscription – £  5,875, Benchmarking Project – £  3,500, VAT Consultancy – £  2,000. However it was likely that several of these payments would not be made until the following financial year (if at all, in some cases)

NB reported that a Finance Group would be set up to oversee the Financial Review and it was agreed that this would consist of the M25 Chair and/or Secretary, the Treasurer and the CPD25 Chair. The Steering Group agreed with the proposed method of carrying out the financial review. It was also agreed that the appointment of professional auditors could be deferred until later in the calendar year as any new financial arrangements would not take effect until FY 2008/09 and the Consortium could continue with the current method of auditing for one more year. Further, it was agreed that clarification of the policy on funding social events could be deferred until auditors were appointed and could advise on this issue.

12. Ideas for News items on the M25 website

12.i The group discussed suggestions for latest news items on the M25 website, as follows:

– New CPD25 Chair
– Disaster Management Toolkit
– CILIP seal of recognition
– CPD25 Staff development travel award
– Open meeting coordinated by LLHL/M25 working group
– CPD25 events

RH suggested that the content for the e-bulletin should be coordinated by the Marketing and Communications Group and should be a standing item on their agenda. He also suggested that “News items for the website” should be left as a regular agenda item for the meetings of the Steering Group.

13. Reports from Working Groups
 13.i To note the following reports / updates from Chairs of Consortium Working Groups
(Papers to be circulated by e-mail in advance)

  • Collaboration & Partnership     Mary Davies

No report received

  • CPD25      Jean Yeoh

A report was noted from CPD25. Statistics for events held during the year – most of which had been fully booked, showed the continued demand for CPD25 courses.

It was reported that LMN had been notified of the SG decision to discontinue administrative support for LMN events by the end of 2006/07 academic year.

It was also reported that Coral Black, Head of Public Services at London University  Research Library Services, had won the travel award to attend the IFLA satellite conference on “CPD pathways to leadership in the library and information world” Johannesburg, South Africa to be held in August 2007.

  • Marketing & Communication     Maire Lanigan

A report was noted from this working group. It asked the SG to note the following:

– The text for a flyer promoting the InforM25 web re-launch had been agreed and produced and would be distributed to member libraries shortly.
– Work on the 2006/07 Annual Report had begun and was on schedule. Chairs of working groups had been contacted for content.
– Genein Cox had overseen the production of a new M25 folder to be used for  the Welcome Pack and other purposes.
– The group would require a new Chair and possibly a new Secretary from July 2007, as well as other new members with experience in marketing and communication.

It was suggested that Frances Norton who currently sits on the Marketing and Communication WG be asked to become the new Chair of the group.

Action: RH to contact FN about taking up the post of Chair and to ask ML to attend the next meeting of the WG for a handover.

  • Quality      Adam Edwards

No report was received from this Working Group

  • Resource Discovery     Brian Murphy /John Gilby

JG presented a paper on “Web Statistics Ideas” to ask for views on the kind of data the SG and other Consortium representatives would find useful to aid decision making and promotion. The paper listed three options on how the statistics data could be generated including:
– Statistics software on web server logs
– Joomla CMS ‘plug-in’ component
– Google Analytics

The paper suggested some possible data requirements for the M25lib and CPD25 websites jointly and the InforM25 website, which is more technically complex.

NB suggested that JG emailed SG members asking them to rank the usefulness of the statistics or pick the top 5 statistics they found would be relevant. He suggesting using the same approach with the InforM25 statistics but target the RDWG for feedback. It was suggested that JG assign a technical-difficulty rating level to the suggested statistics and feedback to the SG at the next meeting.

Action: JG to report back to the SG at the next meeting, about progress and a difficulty rating for the statistics.

  • London Health Libraries & M25
    Consortium Joint Working Group
          John Wolstenholme

A report was noted from this working group. JW reported that an open meeting of relevant HEI’s within London / M25 was to be held in July. It was expected that Rob Smith (Head of Education and Commissioning NHS London) would talk about libraries and the NHS London vision and the new Health Education Strategy.

The joint procurement sub-group  had reviewed products for possible collaborative purchasing (HEI and NHS), however, no significant purchase had been recommended as a result of the latest exercise.

The WG had put together a new group structure for 2007/08 and needed to appoint a new Chair for the group from M25 members, as JW’s term on the SG was due to come to an end.   RH suggested that JW speak with the Officers of the Consortium separately to discuss the implications of the appointment of a new Chair and elections.

Action: JW and Officers of M25 to discuss the appointment of a new Chair to this working group.

  • Systems Team     John Gilby

A report was noted from the Systems Team.
14. Dates of 2007/08 Consortium and Steering Group meetings

Dates of meetings were agreed as follows:

 Date     Event   Venue

  July 2007

 Thursday 5 July 2007  SG Meeting Senate House Library

September 2007

 Wednesday 19 September 2007 SG Meeting
 Wednesday 19 September 2007 Annual Networking Event

 December 2007

 Wednesday 12 December 2007 SG Meeting

 January 2008

 Thursday 24 Januray 2008 M25 Member Business Meeting  UEL

 March 2008

 Wednesday 12 March 2008  SG Meeting

 May 2008

 Wednesday 14 May 2008 a.m.  SG Annual Planning Day
 Wednesday 14 May 2008 p.m.   SG Meeting

 June 2008

 Friday 6 June 2008  M25 Members AGM

 July 2008

 Wednesday 9 July 2008  SG Meeting

15.Any other business

MW expressed thanks to RH and other outgoing members of the Steering Group for their valuable contributions and support over the past four years.

Important Dates & Future Meetings – 2007

Thursday 17 May Deadline for receipt of paper copies of nominations to SG

Friday 1 June Consortium AGM (Royal Naval College, Greenwich)

Thursday 5 July Steering Group meeting  (Senate House Library)