M25 gears up to improve collaborative working among its members

Following discussions at the M25 Steering Group’s first annual planning day held in May 2007 and reiterated by feedback from members at its June AGM, the Steering Group identified a gap in Director-level support and opportunities for collaborative working. To address this gap, a new task and finish group has been established and charged with investigating potential services to members.

The group’s focus will be to foster shared learning by facilitating opportunities for buddying, mentoring and social networking – both physically and virtually. Included in the group’s remit is the compilation of a directory of expertise and interests within member libraries, particularly at senior management level, and the development of a secure, password protected area of the M25 website for directors to engage in confidential debate. The group will also consider ways to exploit the full potential of web 2.0 technology to support directors.

The group met for the first time in November to agree Terms of Reference and a programme of work.