Directors Development


The Directors’ Development Group (full membership to be confirmed in due course) will build on the findings reported in the outcomes of a consultation, led by Rosemary Lynch in 2011, with M25 Directors regarding their development needs.

In order to facilitate engagement and discussion, a Directors’ Development discussion board has been added to the Directors’ Room and will be used to share a variety of development related resources, the first of which will be the outcomes of the 2011 consultation with M25 Directors.

The M25 Steering Group has agreed to fund a special development event for Directors during the autumn of 2013 and a Directors’ Development Group will be assembled to put together an appropriate event featuring a high profile speaker, to best meet the diverse needs of M25 Directors. A budget of £2,500 has been allocated to deliver this event.


  • Establishment of a Directors’ Development discussion board;
  • Regular (at least once a month) postings to the board; &
  • Establishment of a small working group to develop and deliver a Directors’ Development event, within an agreed budget of £2,500.


Full membership to be confirmed in due course.


Kitty Inglis

University of Sussex

M25 Steering Group Champion

August 2012