Minutes 24 January 2008 Business Meeting

Minutes from the M25 Consortium Business Meeting held at
The West Building Lecture Theatre, University of East London

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Present: Nick Bevan, Consortium Chair (Brunel University)
Fiona Ainsworth (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew), Robert Atkinson (Birkbeck, UoL), Gillian Briggs (Thames Valley University), Julie Brittain (Institute of Development Studies), Matthew Brooke (Royal Holloway, UoL), Emma Bull (Queen Mary,  UoL),  Judith Cattermole (Middlesex University), Elizabeth Chapman (UCL Library Services),  Pat Christie (University of the Arts London), Elizabeth Davis (Imperial College London), Douglas  Dodds (Victoria and Albert Museum), Suzanne  Enright (University of Westminster), Richard Golland (Imperial War Museum), Robert Hall (London South Bank University), Peter Hassell (Royal College of Art), Antony Hopkins (Courtauld Institute of Art), Julie Howell (London Metropolitan University), Katharina  Hübschmann (Wiener Library Institute of Contemporary History), Anne Hutchinson (St Mary’s University College, Twickenham), Nicky Kershaw (Anglia Ruskin University),  Sandy Leitch (SOAS), Caroline Lloyd (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine), Antony Loveland (Central School of Speech & Drama) Andrew McDonald (University of East London), Cath Morgan (University of Sussex), Ann Murphy (University of Greenwich) Joanna Newman (The British Library) Mary Nixon (Goldsmiths, UoL), Frances Norton (Wellcome Library), David Pearson (University of London Research Library Services), Carole Pickaver (University of Kent), Peter Ryan (Canterbury Christ Church University), Tim Stone (University of Bedfordshire), Rachel Todd (Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication), Maureen Wade (LSE), Helen Workman (Oxford Brookes University), Rupert  Wood (University of Reading).

In attendance: Genein Cox-De Sousa, John Gilby (M25 Consortium Systems Team)

Present for the morning session: Alma  Swan (Key Perspectives), Stéphane Goldstein (Research Information Network), Glyn Price (LSE)
University of East London Staff: Hugh Bowman, Sarah Castle, Michael Cox, Sally Crosthwaite, Nadine Edwards, Rachel Graham, Simone Okolo, Judith Preece, Gurdish Sandhu, Cathy Walsh

Apologies: Mark Toole (University of Brighton), Philip Payne (Birkbeck, UoL), Joanna Bowring (The British Museum), Helen Fletcher (Buckinghamshire New University), Deborah Shorley (Imperial College London), Helen Edwards (London Business School), William Marsterson (Middlesex University), Nicky Whitsed (The Open University, London), Stephen Bowman (Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication), Julia Munroe (University of Reading), Adam Edwards (Roehampton University), Christopher Mills (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew), Jackie Cheeseborough (Royal College of Nursing), Alasdair Paterson (Royal Holloway, UoL) Michelle Wake (The School of Pharmacy), Máire Lanigan (St Mary’s University College, Twickenham) John Wolstenholme (Thames Valley University) Rosemary Lynch (University College of the Creative Arts).

The business meeting was preceded by a morning session themed Support for Research. Alma Swan, who wrote the report for the RIN/CURL on researchers’ use of libraries gave the keynote speech.  Some of the more interesting and less well-known research collections within the Consortium were showcased by three institutions.

Download Presentations:

These presentations were followed by five breakout sessions covering the following areas, to seek input on what new services Members would like the Consortium to provide
• E-environments and resources
• Space and buildings
• Leadership and management
• Encouraging and capturing innovation
• Quality

Business Meeting

1. Apologies for absence and welcome to new Directors in post

Apologies were noted as listed above.

Nick Bevan formally introduced the following new representatives to the members:
• University of Bedfordshire – Tim Stone
• British Library – Joanna Newman replaces Jan Wilkinson
• Imperial College London – Deborah Shorley replaces Clare Jenkins
• Queen Mary, University of London – Emma Bull replaces Brian Murphy
• Royal Holloway, University of London – Alasdair Paterson replaces Sarah Gerrard
• School of Oriental & African Studies – Sandy Leitch replaces Anne Poulson
• University of Sussex – Cath Morgan replaces Deborah Shorley

2. Minutes of last meeting
The minutes from the Annual General Meeting held at the University of Greenwich on 1 June 2007 were formally approved by the members.

3. Steering Group Membership
    Elections for Steering Group members

Maureen Wade reminded members of the decision made at the June 2007 Consortium meeting to elect three new members to the Steering Group to deal with an increased workload. It had been agreed that the term of office would be until June 2009, an 18-month term.

Maureen Wade reported that four nominations had been received. Three new posts were up for election and there was a fourth vacancy on the Steering Group (following Anne Poulson’s resignation in December). It was proposed that, given  the equal number of nominations for posts available, all four nominees should be appointed to the Steering Group, without need of an election. The members voted on this proposal, which was agreed. Julie Brittain, Sandy Leitch, Anne Murphy and Peter Ryan were therefore appointed to the Steering Group for an 18 month period until June 2009.

4. Working Groups
Members were informed that Adam Edwards was the new Chair of the Collaboration and Partnership WG and Julie Howell the new Chair of the Quality Working Group.
Members were also advised that the London Health Libraries and M25 Consortium joint WG had been disbanded due to changes in the LHL group. The work of the joint group had been absorbed within the remit of the Collaboration & Partnership Working Group with Dilys Hall being the M25 contact on the LHL group to maintain the link.

5. Chair’s Report
In a new initiative, Nick Bevan presented a Chair’s Report on activities within the Consortium over the past six months, noting that this would be an agenda item at all Members’ meetings in future.  No questions were raised.

6. Development Planning
An updated and revised Strategic Objectives and Action Plan 07/08 – 08/09 was presented to members and approved by them. Progress against the plan will be reported at the next Consortium meeting in June.

7. M25 Governance Documents
It was reported that the M25 governance documents had been revised in preparation for the application for charitable status. Maureen Wade highlighted the main changes that had been made to the documents, including:

– The CPD25 Chair was now listed as an officer of the Consortium, together with the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
– The financial sections of the documentation had been re-worded in line with the guidelines provided by the Charities Commission.
– The level of detail had been reduced to make the documents more resilient to minor changes in the Consortium.

The revisions to the documents were agreed by Members. Nick Bevan thanked Robert Hall and Maureen Wade for the work done on the governance and charity/incorporation documentation so far. He reminded Members that the aim was to merge the three sections of the Consortium (and hence the accounts) by the start of the next financial year (2008/09).

8. Progress on New Initiatives

  • 8.1 AIM25 – Maureen Wade reminded Members that the Steering Group had agreed to contribute funding to an extension of this project, to fund a link between the AIM25 database of archive collections and InforM25. The first meeting of the project Steering Group had taken place in January; John Gilby and William Marsterson had attended on behalf of the Consortium.

  • 8.2 WAM25 – Maureen Wade reported that £37,000 had been granted by HEFCE for a feasibility study into this project, to facilitate walk-in access to e-resources within the Consortium. The study will take place between February and the end of May 2008. The idea for the project had first been developed by the RDWG, with John Gilby playing a major part in getting the project to this stage.

  • 8.3 Member Services Task & Finish Group – The morning session had covered ideas for this new group to take forward. Nick Bevan noted that this was an exciting initiative for the Consortium which would lead to concrete benefits for Members.

9. M25 15th Anniversary Celebrations
Members were informed that an evening reception was due to take place on the 3rd April, 2008 at the House of Commons to celebrate the Consortium’s 15th anniversary. It was noted that the event was being sponsored by Barry Sheerman MP and official invitations would be distributed.

10. Treasurer’s Report
The accounts as submitted by the Treasurer were approved by  Members. Caroline Lloyd advised that the 2008/09 subscriptions were only expected to increase by inflation. The three accounts (M25, InforM25, CPD25) should be merged in time for the new financial year;  as a result Members should expect to receive only one invoice.

11. Members’ issues
No Members’ issues had been notified.

12. Any other business
Members were asked to note the Consortium’s programme of meetings:

  • M25 15th Anniversary Celebration Thursday 3 April 2008 – House of Commons
  • M25 Annual General Meeting Friday 6 June 2008 – (confirmed as Kingston University)
  • M25 Members’ Meeting  January 2009 (tbc)

Members were advised that the Library of the Horniman Museum had applied for membership of the Consortium. Members agreed to approve their membership in principle, subject to further investigation by Officers and discussion at the Steering Group, if the organisation had proved eligible.

Nick Bevan noted that venues for the June 2008 and January 2009 Members’ meetings were yet to be confirmed and asked for volunteers to host the meetings.

Nick Bevan thanked UEL and in particular Judith Preece for their support in planning another successful meeting and Genein Cox-De Sousa for organising the meeting.


Maureen Wade
Secretary M25 Consortium