Minutes 23 April 2013 AGM

M25 Steering Group Meeting Minutes
Imperial College London
Friday 2nd August 2013


Present: Bethan Adams (BA), Angus Brown (AB), Simon Bevan (SB) Erin Caseley (EC), Ann Cummings (AC), Claire Hackshall (CH), Caroline Lloyd (CL), John Tuck (JT), Cathy Walsh (CW)


1: Apologies:

There were apologies from Louise Doolan (LD), Kitty Inglis (KI), Antony Loveland (AL), Martin Scarrott (MS) and Michelle Wake (MW).

2: Minutes of the last meeting:

EC queried the minutes regarding the Customer Services Group, explaining that KCL is leading on the construction  but not formally supporting this service.

As per the previous minutes, it was noted that a costed business case would assist development and ensure compatibility with the new M25 technical context as well as establishing a sustainable maintenance model. It was agreed that if any work had been carried out on a pro bono basis, then an exchange of correspondence would be put in place to confirm this.

Action Item

JT/EC to agree details/content of exchange of correspondence

3: Matters arising:

It was agreed that the work related to the website and other IT issues highlighted a need to define/scope Consortium IT needs.

Action Item

New Executive manager to address

4: Chair’s update:

The various profile raising activities engaged in on the Consortium’s behalf were noted.

Action Item

Reports/presentations from various events to be added to the M25 Website by Support Team

5: M25 Support Team relocation – progress report/plan:

JT reported that the last few weeks had been very busy due to the Support Team’s relocation and he thanked the Officers and the Support Team for all their hard work with this. BA outlined progress on the procurement and installation of office furniture and IT services. Procurement was being arranged via St George’s, University of London in order to take advantage of LUPC contracts in relation to furniture provision.The supplier would be JPA and initial quotes had been provided.  The ULCC contract relating to IT support had been signed by BA on behalf of the Consortium and St George’s University of London would again provide the necessary purchase order
support.  Claire Hackshall was thanked for organising the packing up and leaving of the LSE Library and the transfer of everything to Senate House, Jeni Smith, the temporary member of staff, has accepted the offer to extend her contract to 30th September and it was hoped that the recruitment process for the vacant Executive Manager post would commence shortly, once the job description has been finalised.

6: Treasurer’s update:

CL presented her report and noted that there is an expected overspend of £1.2K against the 2012/13 budget. The adjusted figure required for reserves is approximately £87.£K and that there will be an estimated short fall of £15.6 going into 2013/14. This will be met from the 2011/12 cpd25 surplus and so it is anticipate that the reserves will be at full strength by the end of the 2013-14 financial year.

Removal expenses cannot be totally finalised yet until the move to Senate House has been completed.

The cpd25 surplus for 2012/13 is expected to be more or less the same as last year.

7: Guidance on M25 expenditure – update to document:

It was agreed to continue to offer a small catering budget for the final session of the Chartership group annually. The budget for annual meals for task & working groups together with that for the Steering Group January meal will be re-allocated to the conference and the networking event. The SG meal will still take place with individuals meeting their own costs and those of the Support Team in order to recognise their hard work throughout the year. [CSL1] It was also agreed that the wording associated with the terms and conditions of the cpd25 Travel Award would be made more generic and no longer only relate to IFLA. It was agreed that an award in any given year would continue to be at discretion of the cpd25 Chair.

Action Item

CL agreed to make the appropriate amendments to the wording of the guidance

Bethan Adams had replaced Sandy Leitch as Secretary and Michelle Wake would replace Antony Loveland as cpd25 Chair.

Action Item

CL to organise the transfer arrangements for these two positions with HSBC. A single signature would continue to be needed for cheque signing up to £1,000 and two signatures would continue to be needed for cheque signing over £1,000.

8: Websites update:

JT reported that AL had sent him an update report on the update of the websites as he was unable to attend the meeting. Mickey & Mallory had nearly completed the work and it was hoped that the new websites would be launched at the beginning of September. All that remained to be done was some content updating of the M25 website. The group thanked AL for all his hard work updating the websites.

Action Items

M25 Support team to undertake updating of content in advance of launch. Launch should coincide with availability of information about Consortium’s new contact details/address.

JT to progress the discussion of the British Library archiving the existing M25 sites

9: CPD25 update: 

It was reported that with AL stepping down from the position of Chair of cpd25, MW would be taking over this role and that MW, AL and CH  have now had a meeting to discuss current cpd25 activities.  In August MW was hoping to hold her first meeting with the cpd25 Steering Group and in September the task groups would start to meet after the summer break in order to commence planning their events for the forthcoming year. JT expressed thanks for AL’s work on behalf of the steering group


10: Search25 Service Development Group:

MS had provided a written report and requested that the Steering Group note the following:

  • Changes to Graham Seaman’s position meaning that less technical work can now be carried out
  • The summary of work which has been carried out
  • The deactivation of the Inform25 server
  • That the Service Development Group is looking forward to working with the new Executive Manager who will be able to co-ordinate much of the technical and administrative work for the service and take forward new initiatives
  • That a successful  Champions’ event was held on 27 June

Action Item

JT agreed to ask MS for details of what will happen next and to clarify the M25 Executive Manager role in the context of technical support in light of MS’s update.

On the subject of shared services, AC suggested that the member libraries could pool their IT services departments’ resources for the M25   Consortium’s needs. She suggested sending an email to M25 directors to see if this might work. This work could be on two levels, one for supporting the service and the other for reporting missing links etc.

Action Item

BA to look into this via the Search25 development group and their extended remit.


11: Customer Services Group report:

EC reported that everything was ticking along well. At the last meeting they discussed the conference that they are planning for 7th November and envisaged that a small charge to delegates would cover the costs of room hire and catering. It was agreed that the admin support for invoicing and collecting the event charge would be carried out by Jeni Smith and that EC’s own staff would provide the rest of the administrative support for this conference. The cost per delegate would be less than £50, with the Great Hall at Kings College London, Strand Campus, being the venue. The aim would be to get 80 delegates.

A toolkit on mystery shopping was to be produced by the group and also a benchmarking central repository for customer services data. The aim of the latter would be to encourage people to enter their own data into this repository.


12: 20th Anniversary event:

The group thanked AC and SB for organising a successful 20th Anniversary event. The venue, catering, musicians and speaker were all excellent. The main concern raised by AC was the fact that the attendance numbers were not particularly high. AC wondered if the Consortium should look at improving the engagement level of member organisations and that this might be a good time to go and visit the organisations that hadn’t attended to find out what they really wanted from the Consortium. This could be done as a piece of work in its own right and the results taken on board for future planning.

Action Items

It was agreed that the Executive Manager, when appointed, should make a point of going to visit each member organisation over a six months period in order to find out what they want to get from being a member of the Consortium.

AC recommended that the next anniversary event must be planned a year in advance, particularly so that sponsorship opportunities can be explored in good time.


13: Annual report:

It was agreed that Jeni Smith could carry out the administrative work for this year’s annual report as she currently has less cpd25 work than usual due to the time of year. A theme for the annual report was discussed. Some of the space in this report could be kept back until the last minute so that the two new appointees to the Support Team could be introduced to everyone. It was agreed that this report would be produced later than usual to accommodate new M25 contact details


14: Annual conference (review of 2013 and planning for 2014):

It was agreed that this year’s conference had been excellent and that work needed to start on next year’s now. SB and CW would be doing this, working in liaison with MW and the M25 Administrator (once appointed).

Action Item

The volunteers will investigate suitable venues and look into the possibility of a member library hosting the event. It was hoped that a pre-Easter date could be found for the Annual Conference. They will report back on their findings at   the next Steering Group meeting.


15: Implementation plan – progress and planning:

It was agreed that the progress of this would be looked into at the next Steering Group meeting.

Action Item

A request for an update on this should go out in advance of the next meeting.


16: Membership (Steering Group/Consortial):

JT reported that three Steering Group vacancies will need to be filled and the group need to identify what particular roles are needed, in the light of the current issues that the Consortium is currently grappling with. Possible representatives could come from Senate House, SOAS, Roehampton and the Wellcome Library. People could be co-opted now and then elected in due course.

 Action Items

At the next meeting the group will continue to look at this topic, with relevant updates where necessary.

AB reported that he is hoping to encourage applications from three new organisations by Christmas.

At the next Steering Group meeting the group need to look at the current terms of reference and see if they are still appropriate going forward.


17: Representatives list:

   Action Items

  • Delete the London Business School
  • For the British Museum the contact name should be changed to AL
  • Jane Savidge from Surrey should be deleted and new contact details sought
  • The representative name for University of West London should be updated
  • The list should be looked at again at the next meeting.

18: Strategic partnerships:

Consortial purchasing possibilities as mooted by the results of EBASS25 was discussed

The London Health Libraries Council includes an M25 representative – this had been BA and MW in the past. It was agreed that BA/JT should discuss this with Richard Osborn, LHL Chair.

Action Item

A paper on this topic will be produced for the next meeting by JT BA/JT to meet Richard Osborn

AC to talk to CILIP’s Academic Research Group to see what synergy there is.


19: Meetings schedule 2013/14:

  • The next Steering Group meeting can be held at Kings College London. The date of Tuesday, 1st October at 1pm was suggested.
  • Brunel will be the venue for the December Steering Group meeting.
  • The Planning meeting will take place in late January 2014.
  • The meetings after this will take place in March and July.


20: Any other business:

On the topic of Open Access, the question was raised as to whether a champion was needed.

On the topic of the HEFCE consultation, the question was raised as to whether the group should be getting involved in this and doing a response as the M25 Consortium.

Action Item

JT agreed to email Ann Rossiter at SCONUL about this and to initiate a discussion via the Directors’ Room on this topic.