Marketing & Communication Working Group Terms of Reference

The working group will, in line with the Consortium Business Plan, collectively identify and investigate ways of developing and extending marketing and communication arrangements within the Consortium and in collaboration with other regional and national organisations.

It will
• undertake a range of activities which publicize and promote the work of the M25 Consortium at local, national and international level as appropriate
• participate in cross-sector activities (e.g. with LLNG, ALCL, LLDA etc)
• prepare an annual action plan in line with the Consortium Business Plan including
• develop an internal communication strategy
• develop an advocacy strategy in light of London’s developing educational, cultural and political map
• develop a medium term strategy for the M25 web site
• develop a strategy for the re-launch of the Consortium in November 2001
• develop a marketing strategy and review Consortium branding and image
• prepare and submit an annual report to the Steering Group including:
• an account of the year’s progress towards achieving that year’s action plan;
• a costed action plan for the next academic year;
• the group’s terms of reference
• membership of the Group
• ensure that the minutes of the Working Group meetings and official papers arising from the work of the Group, will be made available on the M25 web site and lodged there for archive purposes.
• respond to requests made by the Consortium or Steering Group for the group to undertake any additional work or projects
• identify areas of collaboration to be pursued, identifying potential pan-London activities, linking with other London organisations as required, and submitting recommendations to the Steering Group
• consider the advocacy interests of the subject groups within the Group remit
• meet together as required within the Group’s brief, work-plan and budget
• formally report to the Steering Group

Suzanne Enright / November 2000