14th January 2009

Marketing & Communications Working Group Minutes

Minutes for the meeting held on 14th January 2009 at the Wellcome Trust

Present: Genein Cox-De Sousa (LSE), Marysia Henty (LSE), Frances Norton (Wellcome Library & Chair), Dave Puplett (LSE), Barbara Spina (SOAS), Catherine Walsh (UEL & Secretary)Apologies: Angus Brown (Imperial), Matthew Lawson (Middlesex), Annette Linton (Canterbury Christ Church)

1. Minutes and Actions
The minutes were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting held on 13 October 2008.

It has been agreed that we will not take forward the proposal for a prize for innovation.

It has not been possible to provide an online version of the Annual Report for 07/08 because of technical problems.

2. Annual Report: content and responsibilities

It was agreed we should investigate the possibility of using a different designer for 2009 and to obtain costings from a number of companies, including any University marketing and print services who might be able to undertake the work.

It was agreed that for the next annual report we should include reports on the member events and consider including a report from the Support Team.

It was agreed we should continue to use stock photography where possible to help reduce costs. The support team are building a collection. Costs of photography must be factored into the costings for the whole report.

The production schedule was reviewed and some amendments suggested.

ActionsCW to amend production schedule.
 members to obtain costings from designers by end of January.

The production team for the 2009 report are Barbara Spina, Matthew Lawson, Cathy Walsh and Genein Cox-DeSousa.It was also agreed that we should continue to include the Top Ten Facts.

ActionGroup members to each find two interesting facts about the Consortium for further discussion at the next meeting.

ActionFN will write to the SG
3. Visual Identity

3.i Image Archive (ML)

This agenda item was postponed due to ML’s absence at the meeting

3. ii Brand guidelines (MH)

cpd25 brand is used for certificates and invoicing. For marketing purposes the M25 Consortium brand should be used.

There was a discussion about whether the M25 Consortium, and cpd25 and Inform25 brands have a ‘parent child’ link or whether this is a ‘brand extension’. Further clarification is needed and it was agreed that a ‘house style’ should include guidance on the use of typefaces, logos, colours and use of the name.

It was suggested that a password protected area of the web site would ensure that only authorised staff could access the guidelines.

ActionMH to review guidelines and circulate to the group.

4. Promotional materials

4.i Bags for life for cpd25 and other events (MH)

There was a discussion about various styles and materials and it was agreed to use a cotton bag with longer handles, printed on one side with M25 & CPD25 logo. The group agreed it would be good to include some quirky quotes. The aim is to have something available by April 2009.

ActionsMH to go back to cpd25 group to confirm we are going ahead.
Group members to email MH with ideas for quotes by 23rd January.

5. Boilerplate discussion

There will be a discussion on working group activities and remits at the next meeting with the idea of posting an M25 Consortium entry on Wikipedia.

6. MCWG Workplan review

The Group reviewed the plan. Item 6 has not been completed. An item on compiling the image archive should be added.

Under item 7 the Group agreed we should plan an event for Subject Librarians to help promote the M25 Consortium and its services.

7. Any other business

No other issues

Date and time of next meeting: 10.30 – 12.30,  25th March 2009 at LSE

Cathy Walsh
Marketing & Communications WG