M25 Staff Room

What is the M25 Staff Room?

The M25 Staff Room is a new online communication and networking tool for every member of staff, throughout M25 Consortium libraries.

Use the Staff Room to:

  • Benefit from shared knowledge
  • Find colleagues with similar interests
  • Seek advice and experience
  • Create collaborative communities
  • Share resources

…in a convenient, welcoming, and easy-to-use environment!

The Staff Room will enable you to find and communicate with relevant peers at all M25 libraries. It will provide a forum to encourage collaboration, information sharing, and general discussion, amongst library staff across job roles and institutions.

Joining the M25 Staff Room

All library staff from an M25 Consortium member institution are invited to join the Staff Room. To do so, please send an email to the M25 Support Team.

What next?

Once joined, new users on the Staff Room are recommended to fully complete their profile, and join the “New Users” group, and the “Staff Room Discussion and Feedback” group. Please feel free to use those groups to ask any questions, describe any experiences or feedback, etc.

We have put together some notes/instructions, with screenshots, on getting started in the Staff Room. You can access this document here.