Officers and Steering Group members elections 2014

Nominations are invited for the role of M25 Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and a number of Steering Group positions.

After an exciting and challenging 20th anniversary year, the M25 Consortium is now settled in new premises at Senate House Library and has successfully recruited to the permanent posts of M25 Executive Manager (Thomas Baldwin) and Administrator (Charlotte Falconer). The new recruits join with Claire Hackshall (cpd25 Administrator) to form a strong Support Team with whom Officers and Steering Group members can engage to deliver important activities and services as defined in the M25 Consortium’s strategy, 2013/14 – 2015/16.

The timing is right for new Officers and Steering Group members to join the M25 Consortium and really make a difference and deliver impact in an environment where shared services are so important. To ensure full and active membership and to strengthen the skills and expertise in key areas, experience in the following areas could add great value to the Consortium and its members: e-books and their procurement; museum and gallery developments; digital aggregation and collection management; research data; working across sectors, e.g. health; and closer membership engagement.

The nomination papers are available now from this page. They give details of the process, including the deadlines for submission:

Tuesday 8th April: for Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Officer’s nomination paper 2014

Tuesday 15th April: for Steering Group nomination. SG nomination paper 2014


The key points to note are:

-The roles of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary are becoming vacant (due to completed terms in office and new job roles outside the Consortium).

-We have a number of steering group member vacancies (no fewer than three).

-Candidates for these positions need to be the M25 representative for their institution. They must be nominated and seconded by people who are also M25 Institutional representatives.

-If elections are necessary, these will be held at the Consortium AGM on the 29th April 2014

-For those wishing to stand for an Officer position, please feel free to also stand for Steering Group (filling in both Officer and SG forms), as an insurance against an unsuccessful contest of an Officer election.

For further information about any of the roles please see these accompanying notes, or contact the Secretary, Beth Adams, at

M25 Chair role

M25 Treasurer role

M25 Secretary role