17 March 2008

M25 Director Services Task & Finish Group Minutes

The following are the Minutes of the Meeting held on 17 March, 2008 at Queen Mary, University of London

Present: Emma Bull, Genein Cox-De Sousa, Rosemary Lynch (Chair), Julia Munro, Ann Murphy, Pete Ryan

Apologies: Robert Hall, Joanna Newman

1. Apologies
Apologies by two members were noted. 

2. Minutes of meeting held on 21 January. 2008
It was agreed that the minutes were an accurate record of the meeting.

Matters arising
Facebook – not being used and more important things to concentrate on currently

3. Feedback from M25 AGM

It was reported that the previous week’s Steering Group Meeting had hailed this group as the current big idea. The WG was expected to bring forward proposals, look at costings and consider consultancy regarding the way forward for the group.

CPD25 involvement – CPD25 will organise events if the WG provided content by April ie WG should draw up brief, organise and contact.

Members appeared to prefer being led rather than an interested member volunteering to lead/facilitate an event. WG needs to define roles people are prepared to play – leader, facilitator, buddy or mentor.

First steps – WG needs to achieve some quick wins that members can take forward.
WG should look at other M25 groups and possibly piggy-back on their work.

WG should consider a series of events that would follow on and build up eg a case study, face to face or on-line, followed up by other events.

Facilitated seminar which could lead to a case study or blogging – could be organised by CPD25 and then followed up by members. Methods of follow up eg buddying, on-line discussion would form part of the programme.

Events should be small groups. WG decided to bring groups together by an open invitation giving selection criteria which would allow members to self select. A group should have no more than 12 members accepted on a first come first served basis, but commitment must guarantee attendance. An event (in first instance facilitated by 2 members of the WG) should include time for presentation, discussion and opportunity to decide on follow up eg sign up to a special interest group.

WG will kick start with a couple of sessions – one facilitated seminar and one visit in week commencing 14th July. Each event should be attended by 2 members of WG to ensure that on-line dialogue eg blog or wiki is started. Feedback questionnaires should be completed and put on the web-site.

Directors should be emailed with details of proposals for a new type of event for a small number of people and asked to commit to attend and take forward.

Visit – somewhere that has had a new build some time ago but continues to make changes. Drill Hall at universities at Medway suggested. AM and PR to organise.

Event – Strategic Management. Di Martin was suggested as she has moved into a higher, more strategic role at Hertfordshire. EB to contact DM and offer expenses and fees as necessary.

WG needs to discuss organisation of sessions before Steering Group meeting on 14th May. SG will also be briefed at this meeting about WG’s expectations in terms of commitment from Directors.

4. Password protected area of the Website

The website requires prompt attention as it will act as a communication tool. It will need a search engine and web2 design to allow it to be more dynamic and act as a research and discovery tool. It will include a directory of experience and interests and personal profiles and time limited themed discussion areas with links to relevant documents.

Directory of experience – WG needs to take advice from the web-site manager on the design of a template before providing guidance to Directors. The template should include a profile, an opportunity for individuals to register current areas of interest and experience, indicate an interest in buddying, so that members can be matched up and provision for future developments.

On-line discussion groups.  WG requires advice from a consultant on necessity for list management. The website will store time limited and sensitive information relative to themes being discussed by Directors and is there to stimulate current discussion. Creation of on-line community at whatever level will need on-going administrative support, briefed with guidelines on currency/disposal of content and any archival policies established. The need for administrative support is recognised by SG

Password access – should there be a generic password or one password per institution? As the website content relates to the individual in post the latter seems more appropriate.

The website as an information store for sharing data (Quality Group, case studies of innovations) WG needs to be clear about its purpose and responsibility for currency. Whether this website is suitable for other groups to add information will depend upon who needs access. WG requires a discussion with directors’ needs to decide whether emerging best practice should appear on the main site or contribute to CPD25 site.

RL to discuss the website with JG by 30th March. GC will start conversation

5. AOB

WG to feedback to M25 details of 2 planned events and of website development.
WG to meet JG April
WG May meeting – 2 draft briefs for events, costs for events, brief for website development
Action plan to be kept on agenda.

6 Dates and locations of future meetings

Next Member Services WG meeting at LSE on 8th May
Steering Group Meeting at London South Bank University on 14th May
M25 AGM at Kingston University on 6th June


Ann Murphy