10 November 2008

M25 Director Services Task & Finish Group Minutes

The following are the Minutes of the Meeting held on 10, November 2008 at London School of Economics Library.

Present: Emma Bull, John Gilby, Robert Hall, Ann Murphy, Pete Ryan

1. Welcome and Apologies for absence
The following members sent their apologies: Genein Cox-De Sousa, Rosemary Lynch, Julia Munro, Joanna Newman

2. Minutes of Meeting on 6th October 2008
The minutes of the meeting held on 6th October 2008 we formally agreed.

3. Brief for Director’s Room (see latest amended document)
Clarification on additional privileges for administrators was requested. It was agreed that full access would be an expectation for the admin function.

Personal profiles – swap over points 1 and 2 to read
Profiles should allow Directors to:
Personally populate and maintain their profile through a pro-forma that draws down existing information, if possible from the contacts database on the CMS.

Update areas of interest – roles Directors might undertake and definitions of these roles. Discussion concluded that this information might confuse the profile and it was decided to omit from the current spec. It might be considered as a second stage at a later date.

Directory of Experience – this should be a virtual facility containing profile information which would allow Directors to search for individuals via key topics.

On-line groups learning sets should be ring-fenced to attendees of a learning event interested in a particular topic.

Support Team Recruitment
Advertising for Web Services post (Full Time 2 years fixed term) has been delayed while LSE get it HERA evaluated. It should go back to HR this week. Interviews will take place in January – Rosemary, John and Maureen Wade will form the panel. Hopefully there will be someone in post by the end of February. Recruitment for the CPD25 Administrator is also taking place.

4. Profile Template
A drop down menus giving areas of interest are required. There is also an opportunity at this point to indicate whether this is a current project, current concern or experience.

The section where Directors indicate willingness to buddy, mentor etc should be omitted as part of initial profile. This requires some work with CPD25. Informal buddying will develop from engagement with the Director’s room.

Sub-topics need review and revision – Julia to be asked for her ideas on this.

5. Exchange Programme
Both future events should be promoted – January AGM might be a good opportunity to comment on the success of the January event and promote the March event. The timetable for Elizabeth’s event needs confirming. A date in March needs confirming with Maxine and a suitable venue found.

It is very important to get publicity out for the January event – need to liaise with the Marketing and Communications group about best ways of promoting events.

Points for discussion at next meeting

  • Steering Group 8th December update
  • Update on website – confirmed specification – awaiting appointment of Web Services member of Support Team
  • Exchange Events
  • Feedback from Genein’s survey
  • Ask SG to back proposal that Chairs of Working Groups should contribute to Director’s room to update all Directors.

Date of next meeting 12.01.2009

Ann Murphy
Secretary, Director Services T&F Group