Terms of Reference

  • To contribute to the M25 Consortium Development Plan through the development, implementation and promotion of a coherent programme of resource discovery and digital services and initiatives to support the changing learning, teaching and research needs of Consortium members
  • To monitor relevant  regional, national and international developments, policies and information-seeking behaviours in the fields of resource discovery and service-based digital development and to review and report on new developments and products
  • To identify and promote good practice amongst member libraries and identify priorities for developments and service improvements, with particular reference to opportunities for resource sharing, cooperation and value for money
  • To identify and follow up relevant funding opportunities to deliver and support M25 resource discovery and digital developments and services
  • To monitor and review the performance, sustainability and currency of M25 systems and services within the context of national or international services in the fields of resource discovery and digital development
  • To receive regular reports from the M25 Consortium Support Team and to monitor progress on particular services and projects falling within the remit and workplan of the Group
  • Within the fields of resource discovery and service-based digital developments, to identify current awareness and staff development activities utilising the knowledge and expertise of M25 Consortium members with the aim of enhancing the skills and knowledge of staff in member institutions
  • To establish task and finish groups as required for particular remits and projects
  • To provide regular reports to the M25 Consortium Steering Group and an Annual Report to Consortium members
  • To encourage the wider M25 Consortium to utilise and provide feedback on the tools and services delivered under the auspices of the Digital Developments Working  Group

Terms of Reference Revised 16 October 2009