22 June 2010

Digital Developments Working Group Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome and Apologies for Absence

Present: John Tuck (JT – Chair), Mandy Stewart (British Library), Gavin Beattie (GB), Glyn Price (GPr), Marcus Wolley (MW), Georgina Parsons (GPa), Gurdish Sandhu (GS), Dave Puplett (DP) (Marketing and Communications Working Group), and Andrew Amato (AA) (M25 Support Team – Web Services Project Officer)

Apologies: Bethan Adams (BA), Douglas Dodds (DD), John Gilby (JG), Sarah Crofts (SC)

2. Previous Meeting

The minutes from previous meeting held on 24 February 2010 were agreed as a true record.

Actions from previous meeting:

  • Action 4.1 : JG to distribute Inform25 Purpose Statement for agreement. –  Action complete.
  • Action 4.2 : JG to seek SG approval for Accessibility Policy – Action complete.
  • Action 4.3 : All to contact colleagues to provide catalogue usage stats (etc.). – Action partially complete: Only a few such responses have been received by the Support Team.
  • Action 4.4 : JG to investigate availability of usage data for Copac, SUNCAT, CAIRNS, and similar services. – Action pending (see below)
  • Action 4.5 : AA to draft text for SG about statistics for MCWG. – Postponed, to be discussed with DP, as representative of MCWG.
  • Action 4.6 : AA/JG add GB’s User Trends report to website. – Action complete.
  • Action 4.7 : AA/JG to email progress report on future work packages – Action partially complete/pending (see below)
  • Action 4.8 : JT to raise issue of marketing I25 at next SG meeting – Action complete.

(Some action points (particularly relating to the Support Team and JG) from the previous meeting were acknowledged as being “on hold”, due to JG’s absence, and the current staffing levels of the Support Team.)

3. Resource Discovery / Digital Developments: A national library perspective (Mandy Stewart, British Library)

Mandy Stewart gave the group her presentation regarding resource discovery and digital developments happening at the British Library.

The group thanks Mandy for her detailed and informative presentation, which is circulated with these minutes, and can also be viewed on the M25 website, at:http://www.m25lib.ac.uk/documents/ddwg_inform_25_update_from_the_british_library_mandy_stewart_ppt/download.html

Action 3.1JT to ask Alan Danskin to attend a DDWG meeting, to further discuss RDA (Resource Description and Access) and its impact. JT will contact Alan Danskin to arrange.

Action 3.2: JT will also schedule a meeting to talk with BL regarding possibility of using BL data with Inform25.

4. M25 Staff Room: update and prototype (AA)

AA provided background and explanatory information regarding the M25 Staff Room, and presented the slide deck given to the users at the brainstorming sessions. AA confirmed that progress was on track, and that brainstorming sessions had been carried out and were successful, and the first round of prototypes were being tested by users.

5. InforM25 Review: Progress report (JT)

JT informed the group that work was progressing on the I25 Review, as expected; but a number of work packages are either completely dependent on JG, or would still greatly benefit from his involvement. Thus JG’s absence, combined with recent developments in SCONUL’s “shared services” strand, suggest that it would be prudent to wait before progressing certain elements of the review. AA said some work could be identified as not being dependent on JG’s involvement, and that he would continue with that in the meantime. Meetings will be set up with Mike Mertens (RLUK) about their resource discovery vision, and with OCLC by whom JT had been contacted.

5.1 Marketing of InforM25

DP discussed with the group issues about marketing InforM25. Usage of I25 services are not un-healthy, but not growing, either. Usage has, historically, significantly varied by institution (even including ones not in the Consortium), with some institutions using them a lot, and others not at all.

Some suggestions included much more targeted marketing (e.g., to individual job roles within a library), an Inform25 roadshow, a toolkit for marketing to researchers, and also identify patterns of usage (including for each individual service) as well as any particular peaks or gaps in usage.

Action 5.1 : DP to take these issues/questions to the Marketing & Communications Working Group for further discussion and suggestions; also to consider timing of any such publicity and marketing, e.g, now and/or on completion of the InforM25 Review.

Action 5.2 : AA to provide any supplementary data required by DP/MCWG

Action 5.3 : AA/JG/DP to pull this work together to report back to the group.

6. WAM25 Project: update

JT advised the group about the progress of the WAM25 project. Liz Chapman convened a meeting with WAM25 project team and funding partners. However, there is still no definitive response from HEFCE regarding the future of funding.

It was also mentioned that this issue has been discussed at SG, and that walk-in access issues were the focus of a presentation at the SCONUL conference, where it was understood that (a) there was support for solving this issue, and (b) a number of institutions had put in place a solution of their own.

Action 6.1 : JT to arrange to have a discussion with Phillip Payne, also involving Liz Chapman.

7. Horizon Scanning Updates

7.1 JISC (GPr)

  • LSE had been successful in its bid under JISC funding call 12/09 to develop an open-source graphical shelf locator to integrate with library management systems.


  • JISC had commissioned a report from the Alma Swan consultancy (Modelling scholarly communication options: costs and benefits for universities) which showed universities’ contributions to the economy by making research available on open access.

7.2 SCONUL/HEFCE Shared Services (GS) (JT)

An update on the SCONUL Shared Services bid to HEFCE (with initial focus on ERM) had been given to members attending the recent SCONUL conference. Money was not yet forthcoming; however, it was the view that the direction of travel of the bid was appropriate. JT had discussed possible M25 involvement, e.g., in possible pilot, case studies, etc. with Anne Bell (Librarian at Warwick) and she had suggested that it would be appropriate for thereto be M25 Consortium representation on the Steering Group.

Action 7.2.1 : JT to contact Anne Bell and also to discuss with Bethan Adams.

7.3 RIN & Eduserv (SC)

DDWG thanked Sarah Crofts for her update which was received.


8. Membership

JT pointed out that he was now chair of the M25 Steering Group, as well as of DDWG. This will almost certainly mean that DDWG will need a new chair. JT agreed to follow this up via the Steering Group.

9. AOB

There was none.

10. Next Meetings

GPr agreed to facilitate the scheduling of the next DDWG meetings.

Action 10.1 : GPr to circulate scheduling requests (e.g. Meet-o-matic) to members, to help choose the dates for the next DDWG meetings.

(NB: This has now been done, and the details of the next DDWG meetings are as follows:

  • Monday 13th September, 2pm


  • Wednesday 24th November, 2pm

Both meetings will be in Room R301, LSE Library, as usual.)